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WILLAMETTE NEIGHBORHOOD ASSOCIATION MEETING Willamette Elementary School October 18, 2006 The meeting was opened by Co-chair Alice Johansson at 7:04 p.m. Minutes were read by Secretary Reena Heijdeman and were accepted as read. Treasurer Elizabeth Rocchia reported a balance of $3,521.38 in the treasury and includes $146.00 for planter stock. NEW BUSINESS: 1. Candidates running for office introduced themselves and explained their platforms and reasons for running. Candidates included: Norm King, Scott Burgess, Mike Hughes, Charles Roberts, Jody Carson, Michele Eberle, Ken Pryor, Curt Sommer (mayoral and city council candidates), Bev Backa (state rep), and David Dodds (county commissioner). 2. Karen and Nat, two representatives from Metro, reported on the Lake Oswego to Portland Transit and Trail Alternatives Analysis project advisory committee (LOPAC), who brought Newsletter packet with proposed transit solutions to meet the needs of expanding population in the next 5 years. Existing traffic patterns on Hwy 43 have much congestion and Transit and Transportation demands. Highway widening is not feasible. Alternatives are being sought and include: river transit, bus rapid transit, spot and intersection improvements, rail and trail alternatives. There will be a study to ascertain the impact of alternatives on the traffic corridor. Feedback and involvement from the community is solicited but West Linn does not have a seat on the advisory committee. 3. Scott Burgess explained focus of Sustainability Task Force Report as energy conservation in all areas of life. City Council is looking at the recommendations. New section in the Tidings addresses sustainability. 4. Eighth Court businesses brought concerns about proposed traffic solutions included in the redevelopment plan for the Willamette Marketplace. Of particular concern is the proposed “S” median that will eliminate left turns from Eighth Court. It was moved and seconded that the Willamette Neighborhood request a continuance of the planning commission hearing on the development until the WNA can review and provide input on the completed traffic study and plan proposals. Motion approved. 5. The density of the proposed Dollar Street development sets a precedent for future building in the area. Neighbors to the development want the number of proposed homes decreased greatly. Archie Lachner made a motion that was seconded by Ron Mobley. The motion was amended following discussion. Motion: Willamette Neighborhood Association opposes a zone change at the Dollar Street property and requests that the original zoning classification of R-10 should be maintained. Amended motion was voted on and approved by all present. 6. Neighborhood Association boundary change: tabled until our next meeting. OLD BUSINESS: 1. Tualatin Valley Fire and Rescue Update: Nothing new to report. 2. Community Policing updates/Police Advisory Committee Report: Neil Hennelly of the police department reported on the K-9 program. “Viggo,” a German Schutzhund, was located in Germany and purchased. After a visit to West Linn by his breeder, Viggo was carefully chosen to handle the types of problems that are commonly encountered in West Linn. Viggo’s eight levels of training will prepare him to deal with issues faced by police on a daily basis. Officer Jim Doolittle and Viggo will be visiting all West Linn neighborhood Associations and schools in the future. A welcoming ceremony is planned for October 23 at 10:00 a.m. at Field’s Bridge park. Crime stats indicate that there is a new crew of car thieves in West Linn. Officer Hennelly said that most break-ins occur when items on the inside of a car can be seen. Residents can find useful information on identity theft at the WL Police Department web-site: The bicycle patrol program is deemed successful! 5. Historic District Planning: Jody Carson reported on completion of identification of properties. It is recommended that some education involving the community be set up to determine Willamette’s interest in historic designation and what options exist for participation. Let Ruth or Alice know if you are interested in participating. Elizabeth Rocchia suggested that we put the historic designation on the agenda so that our wishes can be relayed to the city in December for inclusion in our 2008 centennial planning. **All remaining points of business are tabled until our next meeting due to the hour. The meeting was adjourned at 10:00 p.m.