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Willamette Neighborhood Association....................... Minutes February 9, 2005 The meeting was called to order by Jody Carson. Introductions were made; minutes of the January meeting were read and approved with amendments. Treasury balance $4,000. There is a yoga class sponsored by the WNA. Cost per term is $3 / class. Jill Briney is contact person New Business: 1. Opportunities for Community Support PAWS: owner requests assistance. City of West Linn animal control does not think shelter is clean enough. State standards are met or exceeded according to owner. Part of the program is socialization of the pets. The owner requests written letters of support. Red Cross: How can we help those impacted by the recent fire in our neighborhood. Elizabeth or Jody will contact the Red Cross 2. Police Update Handouts of Citywide summary of calls, and information on internet security and identity theft were given out. 3. Planters A new season begins March 12 with a clean up day. 4. Sustainability Discussion Group Beginning Sunday April10th 5. Neighborhood Plan There seemed to be some confusion at the work session regarding what the City does with the plan. There are 3 aspects 1. The plan itself, which represents the consensus view from community input. 2. The recommended zone change 4. Change to the comprehensive plan This will be voted on by the City Council February 14 6. Parade for the Fair. Theme: Happy Trails. Grand Marshal: Ken Worcester 7. Lock Fest WNA is one of the sponsors. The Lock Fest Committee is asking for a monetary contribution. A motion was made, seconded and passed that the WNA donate $275 towards the shuttle. They are planning more activities at our end of the locks this year. Coffee and donuts in the morning and possibly a vendor selling food in the afternoon. The yachts will end and the canoes begin here. 8. Safety. Pat Biesel is moving so we need a new representative to the safety committee from Willamette. Meetings are at 0830. We will approach Chris Ling, Shelly Knight and Susan Hartford to see if one of them is interested. Parking at 8th and 12th are currently under discussion. It was mentioned that a newspaper article stated that Metro has funds for traffic issues. It was suggested that money could be applied for to look at an alternative to multiple traffic lights on 10th. There is a question whether the sidewalk under Blankenship is still included in the plan for improvement of I-205. The City engineer will be contacted. 9. Merchant Update A group is working on getting a farmers market going every Wednesday 12 noon to 7pm. 1st choice for location was 14th St but the construction on the corner will make that unfeasible. They are considering on the north side of WFDr. First Wednesday. There is no longer a paid event coordinator but the merchants are planning to continue. There are plans for a progressive dinner with sample size foodstuffs at different locations and for featuring young artists, 8 years old and younger. Old Business Goals for 2005. The specific actions we will work on in the coming year for each goal we adopted at the last meeting · Traffic. Looking into funding to study alternative traffic flow at 10th St. Sidewalk priorities are WFDr to the Fields Park including a crosswalk and Blankenship under the I 205 · Communication with the business Support for 1st Wednesday. Volunteer help needed, including support for 1st Wednesday · Lighting for the commercial district. Asha will bring in the research she has on solar powered historic looking lighting. Grants or sponsorship will be sought · A trail to Bolton along the Willamette Ken Wochester will be invited back to give an update on that project and the Field’s Park · Certified Local Government Continue discussion with Norm King and the Council on that application and work with the City to complete the historic inventory · Meteorite Exhibit Work with the City, the Chamber of Commerce and Fran toward making that a reality. Ask Mark Busser to come to a meeting for an update · Improvement of the streetscape along Willamette Falls Drive at 10th and 11th St. Carol will work on a sketch with a proposed design. We will look into funds for an art piece · Involvement in the City planning and decisions of development, traffic, transportation etc as they affect our neighborhood; assuring that the Neighborhood Plan is referenced and the Neighborhood Association is updated in these matters. Find a person from the WNA to be appointed to the Traffic and Safety Committee. Continue to work with the City to have the Willamette Neighborhood Plan added to the City Comprehensive Plan or as an attachment that can be referenced as criteria in design and development decisions. This action plan was made as a motion, seconded and passed unanimously · Encouragement of sustainability practices to promote community wellness. Solar street lighting, sustainability discussion groups and focus on organic growers for the farmers market. Note the April 1st Wednesday will feature a speaker from the Sierra Club. It was also suggested that we get the Green Team from WLHS (contact Jim Hartman, AP environmental science class) involved in this goal. Meeting adjourned Respectfully submitted, Stephanie Nicoletti Next Meeting February 9th at Willamette School Library