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Willamette Neighborhood Association Minutes from January, 16, 2002 A. Meeting opened by Stephanie Nicoletti for co-chair Julia Simpson. Introductions followed B. Minutes. November minutes read and approved. Treasurer’s report not available, report from November discussed. C. Old Business. 1. Willamette Neighborhood Plan Report. Stefanie Becker reported on the committee’s formation and meetings to date. A mission statement is being drafted for presentation to the City Council. The goal is to have a plan with provisions for implementation, not just a vision. There has been discussion about staging a panel presentation of the history of past development, surveys/newsletters for both community education and input, workshops for public comment and viewing of proposals. Meetings are scheduled for the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of each month. 2. Boy Scout Charter. In November the WNA was approached to renew its sponsorship of the local Boy Scout troop. This was done due to the time constraint for the troop and no opportunity for the WNA to fully discuss the matter. There is some concern about our lack of involvement with the troop and the issue of the Boy Scout organization’s policy of discrimination against gays. This will be discussed at a future meeting this spring in order to have a policy for next year’s charter request. 3. League of Neighborhoods. Julia Simpson reported in Jack’s absence. The League has three goals: to address county-regional issues, school district issues and neighborhood issues. Meetings are on the 2nd Saturday of the month at the Three Rivers Charter School. 4. Notices re AKS Engineering and Morton Tree Service proposal at 1970 8th St .Public hearing at the Planning Commission 1/24 and planning director decision on 2/8 5. City Council is hearing the appeal of the Tanner Creek Park Plan which was approved by the planning commission 1/16 6. Street Planting Project. Carol Tuffo has designed a website page with photos thanking the volunteers who work on the planter beds. There was discussion about approaching the Tidings/Oregonian to print this or include it in an article about the street planting project. A motion was made and seconded for the WNA to pay for the placing this in the paper as a thank you to the volunteers if Carol is unable to get it run on a no cost community basis. Motion passed unanimously. Carol may also have this run on the City web site or in the Update. At the February meeting Carol will have a newsletter for the new year and will be contacting the various volunteers about their commitment for another season. 7. Willamette Gateway Project. The gateway committee has completed its work and the design is now before ODOT due to its proximity to the highway. 8. Trash bins on Willamette Falls Dr. There is some confusion about the old remaining trash receptacles. D. New Business 1. The Police Levy. Neil Hennelly from the West Linn Police Dept described the work of the city’s police force, much of which is not regularly reported in the local news. The proposed levy is necessary because it has been the choice of city government since 1987 to fund the police department with 3 –4 year serial levies rather than through general funds. The advantage of this is that these are dedicated funds not budget requests from the general funds. The previous levy is expiring and new proposal will maintain the existing force not increases it. West Linn has 29 officers, 1.2 / 1000 residents below the state average of 1.5 – 1.7 / 1000. There are officers on patrol 24/7 atleast two each shift for their protection as well as to meet need. They enforce traffic laws and discourage trouble by their visibility; there is an animal control position; an officer at the high school; detective and management officers. The vote will be March 12 a majority return is essential. 2. Volunteer Coordinator. Shauna Shroyer, the newly appointed volunteer coordinator spoke about her job. If the neighborhood association needs additional volunteers for a project she may be able to help with that as well as with publicity for volunteer activities. The high school is one source she is hoping to tap into. 3. WNA meeting date change. It was proposed that due to the change in city council meetings to 1st and 3rd Wednesdays we change our meeting dates so that we are able to attend city council and city council members are able to attend our meetings. It was mentioned that they have changed their meetings twice in the past year. It was agreed to consider the 2nd Wednesday of each month. Julia will put it out on email and contact the school for availability. The Neighborhood Plan committee could change their days accordingly. 4. Banners. Stefanie Becker reported that the West Linn Arts Commission is considering a banner project. This is an idea the WNA has been interested in and discussed in the past. A motion was made and seconded that the WNA write to the Arts Commission our support for the banner project. Motion passed unanimously 5. Stefanie Becker’s request for money for support of the Willamette Neighborhood Plan Committee in the form of food for their meetings was agreed to. 6. Meeting adjourned . Submitted, Stephanie Nicoletti, Secretary