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Special Sunset Neighborhood Association Meeting Minutes

March 9, 2010

Location: West Linn City Hall, Council Chambers


Troy Bowers, President of the Sunset Neighborhood Association (SNA), called the meeting to order at 7:05 p.m.


29 members and 2 guests- Chris Jordan, City Manager; Keith Steele, West Linn - Wilsonville School Board. The meeting attendance sign-in sheet is in our files and is available upon request.



Troy Bowers began the meeting by giving a history of the task force that was organized to determine the best location for the Sunset School. The prior task force’s recommendation was to move the school to the Oppenlander property on Rosemont Rd. because that site has ten acres which met the School District’s standard site size. However, the majority of Sunset neighbors canvassed was strongly opposed to this plan, and asked the School Board to work with us in order to find a compromise that would allow the school to remain at the Oxford St. location. Accordingly, a second task force was convened. They recommended that the school should stay at its current location, and acknowledged that the school may need a portion of Sunset Park to allow for construction staging, and to allow students to be educated in the current building while the new school is constructed adjacent to it. The School District Administrator supported this recommendation and the School Board approved moving forward towards this end. Troy pointed out that one of the goals of the Sunset Neighborhood Plan is to keep the school at its current location as it is a centrally defining feature and asset to the neighborhood and because the vast majority of the residents appear to want it to remain here. He also pointed out the historic, current and future value of having the park and school facilities collocated and the synergy of the two assets supporting each other for the neighborhood and the City as a whole.

Concerns brought up: • Location of playground • If school doesn’t need all of the1.6 acres of park then will they maintain it as park land? • Size and location of fences around the new school property • Noise abatement • Easements to Oregon City Loop and Oregon City Blvd. – will those still be available? • If a new school cannot be built at the Oxford Street location, and the district decides to sell all of its property and the city doesn’t want to buy it, will the school district then sell the land to the highest bidder? • Will the new design provide enough parking to accommodate the staff plus visitors and guests? • What is our assurance that the school will not use the newly acquired land for a parking lot? • How will this affect the existing wading pool and play structure?

There was very good discussion on the above items at this site concept stage, and it was agreed the neighborhood would participate in the School District’s process as things move forward and work with the School District and City to manage these and other interests to achieve the compromises which best serve the overall community and stakeholders. The City and School District representatives at the meeting were very supportive of further collaboration to manage these interests together. Following the above discussions, a motion was passed 28 -1 as follows; “The Sunset Neighborhood Association supports the City taking necessary action, including the sale of a portion of Sunset Park, to keep Sunset Primary School in its current location.” This motion is essential to support for the passage of the bond measure on May 18, 2010.

Representatives from our neighborhood will be visiting other neighborhood association meetings to educate others as to the need for some park space to keep Sunset at Sunset. Informational Campaign Resources and how you can learn more about the trio of ballot measures: • Online: • Twitter: #wlpolicestation • Phone: Bridget Saladino @ 503/657-0331 ADJOURNMENT With no further business before the SNA, the President adjourned the meeting at 8:43pm. **Next meeting will be Tuesday, April 27th 2010** Respectfully submitted by Doreen Vokes, Secretary of the SNA.


President, Troy Bowers 503-703-7303

Vice President, John Sramek 503-320-2077

Secretary/Treasurer, Doreen Vokes 503-650-2072

For association info and meeting minutes, or for general city information, visit ***please note new website address***