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Sunset Neighborhood Association Business Meeting Sep 15, 2009 7:00 P.M. West Linn City Hall AGENDA Please make sure to sign in on the meeting attendance sheet I. Call Meeting to Order A. Welcome/Introduction of Officers B. Minutes from Apr 14, 2009 meeting C. Treasurer’s Report D. Brief announcements, handout information II. Guest Presentations A. WLWV School District B. Other? III. Old Business A. Picnic B. 2009 Goals Update Rezoning of properties at Sunset and Cornwall from general commercial to neighborhood commercial Work with City and Transportation Advisory Board (TAB) to determine how to best manage overall Sunset/Cornwall/Lancaster/Parker alignment C. Sunset Neighborhood Plan Implementation Priorities- Work Plan Update Increasing Involvement by our neighbors Participating in evaluation of ability to retain an improved Sunset School Preserving our natural resources Preserving our historic resources Assessing safety needs Enhancing the Sunset neighborhood identity IV. New Business A. Clean up day September 26, 8 am to Noon at Fire Hall B. SNA Elections C. Website use D. Other ****** Next meeting Tuesday, January 19th, 7:00 pm****** Questions and comments on agenda items are invited after each agenda item has been presented. Simply raise your hand, and pose your comment or question when called on. Note: In the interest of time, discussions will be limited to five minutes. Association info and meeting minutes, or for general City information, Visit President Troy Bowers 503-703-7303 Vice President John Sramek 503-320-2077 Secretary/Treas Doreen Vokes 503-650-2072