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Sunset Neighborhood Association Meeting Minutes April 3, 2007 7:00 PM West Linn City Hall, Council Chambers Doug Vokes, President of the Sunset Neighborhood Association (SNA), called the meeting to order at 7:06 PM with approximately 21 citizens in attendance. Secretary’s report – copies of the minutes from the January 9, 2007 meeting were made available as a handout. Treasurer’s report – a printed recap of previous expenditures and current estimated financial standing was made available as a handout. The balance of funds from the City neighborhood association stipend is approximately $1035.00, pending actual expense of the April meeting flyer. The balance of funds from the SNA-owned discretionary fund is $104.32. The President announced the upcoming meeting at City Hall (4/16) regarding proposed changes to how the City of West Linn conducts business with neighborhood associations. He plans to attend this meeting and provide input on behalf of the SNA. Update from West Linn Police – Officer Rick Senger advised that the Sunset area was responsible for 11% of total calls for service from WLPD in the last reporting period, roughly half the number of the Willamette and Bolton areas. Unauthorized solicitors have been operating in the area falsely claiming to represent college athletic teams, and residents are advised to be cautious. Traffic safety concerns – WLPD Sgt. Neil Hennelly reported on the recent Lancaster St. traffic activity survey. Results did not exceed expected parameters for speed, volume or type of traffic. Concern was expressed about the lack of sidewalks and the increase in parked vehicles possibly encroaching on the travel lane. There was further discussion regarding the need for traffic control or mitigation on the section of Lancaster from Cornwall to Exeter once the development on Parker Road matures and begins sending additional traffic volume into the neighborhood. “No through traffic” signs are unenforceable, so a physical diversion (partial one-way) could be an alternative. City Engineer Dennis Wright provided an update on the street improvements and traffic pattern changes at Parker and Lancaster at the site of the new development. The City is reacting to citizen concerns that the widening and new surface may attract additional traffic on the portion of Parker south of Lancaster and is suggesting mitigation by making most of that section one way northbound (starting at the southern end of the newly improved portion), at least until further development mandates further improvement from that point to Sunset. “Local Traffic Only” signage would be posted at the terminus of this section for traffic entering this section from Cornwall. Sunset Neighborhood Association Meeting Minutes April 3, 2007 Page 2 After further discussion from the floor on the mitigation proposal and collateral traffic impacts on Lancaster and other surrounding streets, the President asked for a motion for a vote of the SNA to support the mitigation plan presented by Mr. Wright. The motion was made by Mr. Hennelly, seconded, and approved by unanimous voice vote. The President inquired as to how the Association might communicate the other concerns conveyed about surrounding streets, and was directed by Mr. Wright and Mr. Hennelly to the city’s Transportation Advisory Board. Other Agenda Items - An announcement was made regarding the Association’s summer picnic, now scheduled for Sunday, June 24. The cost of food and refreshments will be borne by the Association from its City stipend fund, and it is planned to have live musical entertainment at the site which the remaining funds should also accommodate. We may prevail upon several attendees who volunteered to bring grills for food preparation. New Business and Discussion - The President advised that he had been notified by the City Planning Director that the SNA could potentially be among the next candidates for inclusion in the formal Neighborhood Plan process, and that more information would be available by September’s SNA meeting. Shauna Shroyer made an announcement regarding next week’s city Clean Up, with curbside collection on regular routes instead of a central dumpster depot. An inquiry was made about the restoration of the area of Wilderness Park impacted by the water line replacement last year. Mr. Hennelly volunteered that it seems to be one of the healthiest parts of the park with appropriate vegetation returning to the affected portion. In response to a question regarding information for potential volunteers for the picnic and other projects, the Secretary will contact John Atkins at the City regarding posting updates and some degree of interactivity to the SNA web pages. Mr. Hennelly inquired if he could have the Association’s permission (in lieu of a formal motion) to bring up the suggestion regarding traffic pylons on Lancaster at Cornwall at the next meeting of the Transportation Advisory Board, and the President requested that he do so. With no further business before the Association, the President adjourned the meeting at 8:43 PM. Minutes prepared by Rob Barker, Secretary/Treasurer of the SNA.