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Rosemont Summit Neighborhood Association Minutes of the Meeting held on Wednesday March 18th at 7:00 PM at West Linn City Hall The meeting was opened by President Dean Suhr. Eleven people attended. 1. Minutes of the previous meeting were circulated at this meeting. No formal adoption of the minutes took place. 2. Ann to remind Kirsten Wyatt about the meetings so that she can put them in the monthly calendar sent out with the water bills. The meeting minutes should also be sent to Kirsten. 3. Ann to send January and March minutes to Dean Suhr to post on the web site. 4. Dean reported on a meeting of neighborhood association presidents that was held on March 2, 2009. he gave a report for the RSNA, covering 2008 Goals and Accomplishments, 2009 Goals and Plans, Comments to City Council and Staff. See link for details. 5. Lynn Fox from Hidden Springs NA informed the group about a training for Citizen Advisors and NA officers that took –place on March 11th. It was geared to advisors. She learned that a new rule would require that NA votes on land use issues would require that everyone voting should be listed by name and how they voted. Also e-mails from the NAs may not be able to use BCC distributions in the future. E-mails addresses may need to be shown. Possibility of a training geared for NA officers. 6. Street light at the Rosemont end of Shannon Lane. Dean to follow up with the City. Consensus to ask for at least reflective material on the curb of the median. 7. Erickson School. City Council will not be able to put the annexation on the Spring ballot because there were some irregularities with the process which were challenged by the Hidden Springs NA. 8. Mark Hatton was in attendance. He owns a lot on Poseidon and wanted to listen in on the discussion and see if there was anything relevant to his lot. 9. Palomino Trail. The City has put out an RFA for $75K for a study leading to a trails master plan. The parks master plan has a chapter on trails, but not integrated with parks. 10. Sidewalks and Paths. We should concentrate on the lack of sidewalk between Shannon and Summit on Rosemont. How can we help. Suggested that we invite Mr. Green from Engineering to the next meeting. 11. Summer Barbecue. Consensus that we should hold one in 2009. Could announce with flier in water bill (just to RSNA houses). Ann Frazier to contact Kristin Graves and Donna Bezio to see if they are interested in helping to organize again. We should provide more activities for 8-14 year olds and make sure they do not climb on rocks around the pond and falls behind the Senior Center. Also that they not trample the plants. 12. City Clean-Up Day is April 6. Put out large items. No garden waste and no hazardous materials. Discussion about RSNA dumpster in 2009. Decision to NOT have a dumpster this year. We only filled the dumpster about 35% in 2008. 13. Suggestion to have a neighborhood cleanup day. No decision. 14. Beautification. Some possible projects? City has cleaned up the corner of Santa Anita and Haverhill. Shannon median needs some weed pulled or sprayed. 15. Should we generate a program of emergency preparedness. Citizen training through the CERT program? 16. Anyone in Wst Linn can sign up for the City’s e-mail DL. Look on City web aite. 17. Lynn Fox reported on Metro activity regarding urban/rural reserves. They will be designating some of the lands around LO< WL and Tualatin. Urban reserve means development within 20 years. Rural reserve means no development for 50 years. At issue could be the land between Hidden Springs and the Oswego Hills Winery. The possibility is for R10 designation, but the land is likely to be develo0ped as a Planned unit Development (PUD) since there are steep areas that cannot be built and that would result in higher density on some of the land. There seems to be some possibility of the mayor developing and inter-governmental agreement (cf. Sandy) that would designate some green space around the cities such as LO and WL. Lynn encouraged letters to the “core 4” decision makers at Metro and the mayors. 18. March 19 (evening) there will be a Metro 101 course to be taught at the WL City Hall. It is open to the public. The meeting was adjourned at 8:10 PM. Respectfully submitted Ann Frazier, Secretary RSNA.