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RNA Meeting Minutes September 8, 2009 7:00pm Minutes of the August 11 Meeting, Sign In sheet, agenda and ballots for the new RNA By Laws were distributed. Meeting called to order by President Bryck at 7:05, R Fastabend filling in as Secretary Minutes of previous meeting-Corrections were accepted. Motion to approve by Mary Hill, seconded by Tony Bracco Minutes approved by voice Treasurers report $ 319 on picnic It was reported by the Prez that Scott Sandy spoke with Kirsten Wyatt and that it was acknowledged there is a discrepancy in favor of RNA Announcements -RNA board met with nominating committee Thurs 8/27 Nominations will be held open up til the voting at the October meeting -No City Council meetings scheduled in September Except the 9/21 meeting according to Karen P -Plannning Commission on 9-16 cancelled but now is being held as a work session also will be ice cream with John Sonnen -Water Conservation training workshops and classes available–info from Prez KB -Clean Up Day 9-26-09 8-12p Only 2 dumpsters MH moved to use the Dump Day to advertise the event in RNA. Mike Monical seconded the motion Approved by voice vote RNA Board Nominations Q1. Ballots or floor vote? Mary Hill motioned to have secret paper ballots, Chuck Landskroner seconded 18 For 1 Against Motion carried with hand vote. RNA will have secret ballots at the October 2009 meeting. Q2. Positions discussion: Secretary/Treasurer or Secretary & Treasurer? Chuck Lanskroner moved to have the offices of Secretary and Treasurer separated and thus filled by separate members. Mary Hill seconded the motion. Discussion-It was pointed out that positions are separate in New By Laws Chuck and Mary withdrew their motion and second. Q3. Effective Date of By Laws? This is called to question due to the effect it will have on the Board Elections in October. By acclamation we paused to count the By Laws Vote By Laws Vote Counted 23 yes 0 no Chuck Landskroner Moved that the By Laws Take effect noon tomorrow (9-9-09) Seconded by Bob Stowell Approved by voice vote. Thus the elections at the next meeting will be held under the new Robinwood By Laws. Nominations Committee (Tony Bracco, Esther Monical, & Scott Sandi) The committee has presents the following nominations for the RNA Board: Thomas Boes, for President, spoke on his own behalf Jennifer Hartung for Vice President, spoke on her behalf Tony Bracco, for Secretary Spoke on his own behalf Andrew Harris, for Member at Large, absent Chuck Landskroner, for President, Spoke on his own behalf Rober Bjerre for Treasurer, spoke on his own behalf Dave Frodi, for Treasurer, absent These are the current nominations as of this meeting. Nominations will be open until voting at the October meeting. Kurt Sommer moved we adjourn Mike Monacal seconded the motion Approved by voice vote Meeting ended 8:08