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Robinwood Neighborhood Association Agenda Tuesday September 8th 2009 7PM at Emmanuel Presbyterian Church Minutes of Previous Meetings and Treasurer’s Report 15 Minutes Announcements: 15 Minutes Nominations for the RNA Board will be held open until the start of the October meeting. Candidates will have until that time to contact a Nominating Committee member. City Council: There are no Council meetings on the September Calendar Planning Commission: 9/16 Meeting on Calender with no Agenda Updates: 60 Minutes Nominating Committee for the Robinwood NA Board: Questions for decision: How would a contested board election be tabulated? Raised hands or paper ballots; secret ballots or validated? Can the offices of Secretary and Treasurer be separated, per the bylaws? If new Bylaws are adopted at this meeting, when do the new bylaws take effect? Is the new board selected in October 2009 seated for one year or two? RNA Committee Reports: New Biz: 15 Minutes Bylaws Vote Compiling