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Robinwood Neighborhood Association Agenda Tuesday June 9th 2009 7PM at Emmanuel Presbyterian Church Minutes of Previous Meetings and Treasurer’s Report 15 Minutes Announcements: 15 Minutes Plann Comm 6/17 7pm - Suncrest PUD Council 6/15 6pm - Work Session 6/22 7pm - Budget Adoption Parks Master Plan Adopted Updates: 45 Minutes By-Laws Committee Report - Update Project Will we forward the new Bylaws as drafted by the Committee to the City Attorney for legal review? Take Care of West Linn Day Project – Recognition of Troop 149 RNA Committee Reports: Parks - Budget & Identifying Open Space Planning - Design Review Streets - Sidewalk at 19072 Willamette New Biz: 15 Minutes Cedaroak School Parking Lot Application Neighborhood Picnic Dump Day