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City of West Linn Robinwood Neighborhood Association (RNA, RN to be used for Robinwood Neighborhood) Monthly Meeting Minutes Tuesday, 5/13/08 Tina Decker, Vice-President, called the meeting to order at 7:10 PM. Scott Sandie, RNA Treasurer, noted that the RNA fiscal year account balance was $982.06. The April 2008 RNA meeting minutes were unanimously approved; subsequent to this unanimous approval, Kevin Bryck, President, noted an omission (regarding the Johnson property portion of the minutes) – this addendum is attached to the bottom of these minutes. Items Discussed Johnson Property Tina Decker noted that the Planning Department approved the Water Resource Permit on 5/9/08. This decision was mailed out on 5/12/08 to residents within a 500-foot radius of the property. Terry Pennington, resident, noted his concerns with item #4 of P.17 of the mailing. Specifically, that the surveying stick noted in this section was placed in a different spot than Terry Pennington’s ‘monument’ stake, and that the words ‘approximate placement’ were noted on the surveyor’s stake. Terry, and Tina Decker, also noted that the surveyors performed a ‘plotting’, not a ‘surveying’, service. Ole Olsen, resident, noted that he was working with various city departments (including, but not limited to, Planning, Parks, and Engineering) and residents to negotiate a settlement to resolve the friction over the use of this property. He also noted that this land use concern was recorded as a Measure 37 claim in Clackamas County civil court and the judge subsequently told the City of West Linn to resolve it. Lauren, resident, noted that she had spoken with the Metro Urban Conservation Group (name approximated) to see if they would join the RN in opposing the building of a home on that plot of land. The group first asked for all documents relevant to the proposed use of the property; subsequent phone calls to the group were not returned. The attendees to the meeting then voted on a motion regarding the planning department director’s ratification of this land-use application (file# WAP-08-04) – see Motions section below for details. Tina Decker also noted that information that was presented to or obtained by the city after the planning department director’s decision is contained in city document PD-1-PD8. Robinwood Neighborhood Plan Review Update Two changes were made by the city to the text of the plan: • Action Measure for Policy 2.3: word ‘adopt’ changed to ‘consider’ • Reference to two-story limit along 43 was deleted For more information on the RN Plan, see Agenda Bill 08-05-05, MIS-04-33. Committee Reports Parks Committee • If interested in participating in this committee, call Tina Decker at (503) 810-9163. • Signage is being procured for the rail trail Planning Committee • Kantara Way: On 5/12/08, the ratification of the RNA supported appeal of the Kantara Way land-use application was accepted into the records of the city council. • Fairview Way o The planning commission could not have a quorum on 5/70/8; thus, it will be on the 5/21/08 commission agenda. o Tina Decker noted a concern that Kevin Bryck’s letter regarding his concerns about the Fairview Way application had not been officially entered into the record. Tina Decker read letter aloud (see Motions section below for more details). • Lot Division on Nixon Avenue – pre-application session on 5/15/08. Streets Committee • Grant was submitted on 5/12/08 to get three bus stop shelters at three different locations on 43. Miscellaneous Updates • Call Kirsten Wyatt in City Hall to be added to the West Linn list serve to received weekly emails on city on-goings. • Mike Gates, City Councilor, resigned his position. • A Library District (levy) approximating a value of $500K will soon be presented to voters. • West Linn’s Taste of Tuesday (4-8 PM in the old Willamette district) will be hosted each Tuesday through 10/14/08. • If interested, call West Linn and have they automatically deduct your payment from your bank account – saves time and money (postage)! • Remember to vote! • A handout regarding the clauses from the RNA by-laws pertinent to Committees was made available to attendees. A complete review of the RNA by-laws is projected to occur at the June 2008 RNA meeting. Motions (motion voting results in parentheses after motion title) 1. Fairview Way: Send Letter as Written by Kevin Bryck to the Planning Commission (passed) 14 voted in favor, 4 in opposition (of the four, two noted the reason for their opposition (one, too many restrictions noted in letter and, two, didn’t think the letter presented professionally)), and 1 abstention. 2. Johnson Property: Send Letter to City Noting the RNA’s Request to Appeal the Planning Director’s Ratification of File# WAP-08-04. 20 voted in favor, 0 in opposition, and 2 abstentions. Meeting adjourned at 8:51 PM. Minutes authored by Scot Sandie, RNA Secretary April 2008 Minutes – Johnson Property Addendum (submitted to the City on 5/22/08) President, Kevin Bryck, due to an out-of-state absence, had not reviewed the 4/8/08 meeting minutes until just recently. He noted that although we captured the various aspects of the resident’s discussions in the meeting minutes (regarding the Johnson property), we neglected to note the essence of the discussion, which was that the attendees to the meeting were again in favor, as we were unanimously at the January 2008 meeting (excerpt below), of opposing any forward progress of the Johnson land-use application. Robinwood Neighborhood Association Agenda Tuesday June 10th 2008 7PM Emmanuel Pres Church • Minutes of Previous Meetings and Treasurer’s Report • Announcements: CDC 27 & 28 Wm & Tualatin Greenway PC 6/18 • New City Research and Work Session 6/16 • OHSU Study • Guests: 18395 Shady Hollow Zone Change • Updates: 4 Lot Subdivision at 3484 Fairview Way – Final • 19122 Kantara – LUBA Appeal • 3955 Cedaroak Drive – Special Meeting(s) • CDC 99 Updates at Council Meeting 5/12 • Committee Reports • New Biz: Neighborhood Picnic • Yearly Grant Funds • By-law Changes – Memoranda from City Manager • By-laws for Committees