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City of West Linn Robinwood Neighborhood Association (RNA, RN to be used for Robinwood Neighborhood) Monthly Meeting Minutes Tuesday, 12/11/07 Kevin Bryck, President, called the meeting to order at 7:05 PM. Scott Sandie, RNA Treasurer, noted that the RNA fiscal year account balance was $1223.86 (plus an existing, small credit at the UPS store on Willamette Drive). The August and November 2007 RNA meeting minutes were unanimously approved. Items Discussed (excerpt) Kantara Land-Use Application The WL Planning Commission approved the application at their 12/5/07 meeting. Dan Hartung and Jennifer Weltin submitted a document into tonight’s meeting records detailing their concerns with the application and asked that the RNA support their appeal of the Planning Commission’s approval. See the Motions section below for more details on this item. RNA Neighborhood Plan Development Update Bryan Brown of the WL Planning Department noted that the Neighborhood Plan is tentatively scheduled to be reviewed by the Planning Commission at their 2/2/08 meeting. RN Goals Due to the length of tonight’s meeting, Kevin Bryck, President suggested that we table the RN Goals discussion until the January 2008 RNA meeting. Johnson Property Multiple residents spoke of their concerns regarding the Water Resources Area permit and Class I Variance applications submitted by the Johnsons for their property at 3955 Cedaroak Drive. According to the residents who voiced their concerns, there are multiple mistakes on the map of the property submitted by the applicant, in the applicant’s written statement, and in the planning department’s written assessment pertinent to the Permit and Variance applications. Also, there is great concern that the removal of approximately 14 large trees would severely compromise the stability of the land and creek which are being fortified by the root systems of the trees. Additionally, there is significant concern over the status of the wildlife that use the land and creek seasonally or year-round – if the substantive changes to the habitat. Furthermore, there is concern that adjustments to the land and creek would result in the creek flooding, which has happened at least twice previously. See Motions section below for more details on this item One resident suggested that a grant be presented to Metro who stewards Nature in the Neighborhood monies. Miscellaneous Updates and Comments ???? Lynn of the Hidden Spring NA suggested that WL neighborhoods unite and ask the WL park board to consider using the NW Youth Corps to help manage land and foliage upkeep issues in WL. ???? Mary Hill, a board member of the WL Adult Community Center, noted her concerns over the WL Lions’ move to add an addition to the WL Adult Community Center for the Lions’ use. Motions (motion voting results in parentheses after motion title) 1. Kantara Way Land-Use Application (approved) All 25 eligible voters (per the bylaws of the RNA, those that had attended at least one RNA meeting within the last 12 months) approved of the RNA’s support of the appeal of West Linn Planning Commission’s ratification of the Kantara Way Land-Use application (MIP-06-07, VAR-06-06, MISC-06-60) based on the ideas detailed in the letter submitted by Dan Hartung and Jennifer Weltin to the RNA at the 12/11/07 RNA meeting. 2. Johnson Property (approved) Of the 23 eligible voters, 22 approved (one abstention) approved of having the RNA notify the WL Planning Commission that the RNA is against the ratification of File No. NDW-07-09/VAR-07-16. Meeting adjourned at 9:00 PM. Excerpt of minutes submitted by RNA Secretary, Scott Sandie