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City of West Linn Robinwood Neighborhood Association (RNA, RN to be used for Robinwood Neighborhood) Monthly Meeting Minutes Tuesday, 3/14/2006 RNA President Michael Kapigian called the meeting to order at 7:01 PM. The February 2006 meeting minutes were accepted. The persons who attended recited the Pledge of Allegiance. Items Discussed Cedaroak Park School Learning Garden Mrs. Dresler, teacher at Cedaroak Park School, discussed plans for a learning garden at Cedaroak Park School. This project was born from discussions between teachers and the PTA at the school. The project has many objectives – generally, the goal is to integrate the different facets of the garden into the curriculum and allow students to experience the science that they ready about, on campus. Those interested in helping with the construction or maintenance of the garden can call the school. Donations of tools and materials are being accepted. The project committee is also looking to team with members of the community to maintain the gardens over the summer. Mrs. Dresler also commented on the Cedaroak Park School talent show occurring at 7:00 PM on Friday, 3/24 and on the “Fun Run” on May 21st to help raise funds for a replacement gym floor (to supplement the $16,000 raised at Casino Night). Hospitals – Are They Meeting the Needs of the Community Bob Marshall of the Community Health Care Needs Board spoke about his board’s efforts to ensure that the community hospital systems are being managed in a manner to best meet the needs of the community. Police Activity Update Sgt. Neil Hennely reported on the 56 police incidents in the RN for February 2006. He also commented that radar speed control signs are all being converted to the portable version, that over 25% of the funds needed for a police dog have been raised, and that the Citizen Advisory Committee is looking to scale back to seven members. Mr. Kapigian mentioned his concern that the RN does not have representation on the Police Advisory Committee and that no information about committee proceeding is being made available to the RNA. A resident of the RN suggested that the RNA request that Police Chief Ellison. Later, a motion was made and seconded to officially commit to inviting Chief Ellison to an RNA meeting. A decision was also made to have Secretary, Scott Sandie, draft and send a letter to Chief Ellison, asking that he attend. Page 1 of 2 20060314 Minutes Page 2 of 2 Thank You to RNA Secretaries Mr. Kapigian recommended that something be done to thank past RNA Secretaries for their efforts. A member of the audience voiced a concern about how the RNA can use its monies. Mr. Kapigian recommended that the RNA get a letter from the City of West Linn defining how RNA monies can be used. RN resident David Dodds noted that it is the City Council that should provide guidance on the use of RNA monies. A motion later passed to give a $20 gift certificate to Secretaries of the RNA who served during Mr. Kapigian’s tenure as RNA president and those who served during the tenure of the RNA President preceding Mr. Kapigian. West Linn Community Concert Series Alice Richmond commented that she was not looking for money, but rather attempting to garner support from the RNA being that one piece of the concert will be held in Mary S. Young – an area adjacent to the RN. The concert series will run from the opening of the West Linn Farmers’ Market through October and occur at various places in the city. Surveying Near Mapleton Dr and Kenthorpe Way Resident Joe Perry questioned the reason for the surveying occurring near Mapleton Dr and Kenthorpe Way. RNA Streetwalkers Update (last meeting with city, 3/8/06) Streetwalkers Anne Beltman, Tim Cibula, and Kevin Bryck commented on the commercial zone overlay for the RN and that attempts were being made to consolidate mixed-use structures, and that revisions were being made to the Conditional Use text applicable to the RN. Anne also commented that there would be a letter inserted into the city news letter updating RN residents as the neighborhood plan development status. The Streetwalkers also noted that the Transportation Growth Management Grant (mix of city and ODOT monies) had been approved - $72,000 of which will be allocated to the development of Highway 43 in West Linn to ensure that it is bike and mass transit friendly, and that the highway have a certain appearance, a streetscape. Resident Olie Olsen shared his concerns about the synergy between the RN Plan and the city’s Comprehensive Plan and Community Development Code. Mr. Kapigian noted that the parameters for structures in the RN would be defined by the RN Plan overlay zone. City of West Linn – Properly Incorporated? Mr. Olsen presented information and documents supporting his concern over the legitimacy of West Linn as an incorporated entity. During this discussion, a resident noted that Teri Cummings had resigned her position as City Councilor on 3/13/06. The meeting adjourned at 8:50 PM. Next meeting will be on Tuesday, 4/11/06 at 7:00 PM. Minutes submitted by RNA Secretary, Scott Sandie