ID Title Project Type Vicinity Map
CE-15-01 18034 Hillside Court Consent Order Other (OTH) Map
ZC-16-01 1943 and 1983 13th Street Zone Change Zone Change (ZC) Map
WAP-16-09 3588 Robin View Drive Water Resource Area Protection and Willamette & Tualatin River Greenway Permits for a New Home Water Resource Area Protection (WAP) Map
WAP-16-08 5685 Summit Street Water Resource Area Protection and Willamette and Tualatin River Greenway Permits Water Resource Area Protection (WAP) Map
SUB-15-03 18000 Upper Midhill Drive 34-Lot Subdivision Subdivision (SUB) Map
PUD-16-02 4096 Cornwall Street Planned Unit Development, Expedited Land Use Subdivision and Willamette & Tualatin River Greenway Permits Planned Unit Development (PUD) Map
PUD-16-01 1270 Rosemont Road Planned Unit Development and Subdivision Planned Unit Development (PUD) Map
PLN-15-01 Comprehensive Plan Amendments to Goal 9 - Economic Development Comp Plan Amendment or Supplement (PLN)
PLN-15-03 2016 West Linn OR 43 Conceptual Design Plan Comp Plan Amendment or Supplement (PLN)
MISC-12-03 Transportation System Plan Update Miscellaneous (MISC)
MISC-16-04 5688 River Street Flood Management Area Permit for two Additions to an Existing Home Miscellaneous (MISC) Map
MIP-16-02 22995 Bland Circle 3-Lot Minor Partition Minor Partition (MIP) Map
CUP-16-02 Hidden Springs Road Conditional Use Permit and Class II Design Review to Construct a New Fire Station #55 Conditional Use Permit (CUP) Map
CUP-15-03 2351 Oxford Street Conditional Use Permit, Class II Design Review and 3 Variances to Construct Sunset Primary School Conditional Use Permit (CUP) Map
CUP-16-01 2400-2450 Willamette Falls Drive Conditional Use Permit for a Self-Storage Building Conditional Use Permit (CUP) Map
CDC-16-01 Miscellaneous Community Development Code Amendments Community Development Code Amendment (CDC)
AP-16-01 2351 Oxford Street Appeal of Planning Commission Approval Appeal (AP) Map
AP-16-02 18000 Upper Midhill Drive Appeal of Planning Commission Denial Appeal (AP) Map
ANX-16-01 3800 Ridge Lane Annexation of 3.38 Acres Annexation (AN) Map
ANX-16-02 3015 & 3001 Parker Road Annexation of 3.55 Acres and Zone Change Request Annexation (AN) Map
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