IDsort descending Title Project Type Vicinity Map
ANX-14-01 1430 Rosemont Road Annexation of 2.95 Acres Annexation (AN) Map
ANX-14-02 22850 & 22848 Weatherhill Road Annexation Annexation (AN) Map
ANX-14-03 23128 Bland Circle Annexation of 2.126 Acres Annexation (AN) Map
AP-14-01 Appeal PC Denial of MISC-14-04 at 20001 Salamo Road Appeal (AP) Map
AP-14-02 Appeal HRB Decision of DR-14-02 at 1344 14th Street Appeal (AP) Map
CDC-10-02 CDC Amendments to Multiple Chapters on PUD and Infill Housing Community Development Code Amendment (CDC)
CDC-14-02 Community Development Code Maintenance Community Development Code Amendment (CDC)
DR-14-02 1344 14th Street Historic Review Design Review (DR) Map
DR-14-05 1831 Fifth Avenue Historic Design Review Design Review (DR) Map
MIP-14-01 23000 Horizon Drive Minor Partition Minor Partition (MIP) Map
MIP-14-07 1722 & 1698 8th Avenue Minor Partition and Lot Line Adjustment Minor Partition (MIP) Map
MIP-14-08 5651 Cascade Street 2-lot Minor Partition Minor Partition (MIP) Map
MISC-11-02 Highway 43/Willamette Falls Drive Visioning Project Miscellaneous (MISC)
MISC-12-03 Transportation System Plan Update Miscellaneous (MISC)
PUD-14-02/SUB-14-02 2900 Haskins Road 6-Lot Planned Unit Development Subdivision Planned Unit Development (PUD) Map
SUB-14-03 20310 Noble Lane 4-Lot Subdivision with a Variance for Driveway Spacing Subdivision (SUB) Map
VAR-14-06 2589 Coeur D'Alene Drive Class II Variance Variance (VAR) Map
ZC-14-01/PLN-14-01 NW Corner of Blankenship & Tannler Drive Zone Change and Comp Plan Zoning Map Change Zone Change (ZC) Map
ZC-14-02 1344 14th Street Zone Change Zone Change (ZC) Map
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