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Parker Crest Neighborhood Association Meeting Minutes Meeting Date: November 30, 2005 West Linn City Hall 7:00 PM Attendees: Bill Relyea PCNA President Bela Barany, Treasurer Alice Richmond, Past President Shauna Shroyer, West Linn Staff Officer Doolittle, West Linn Police Department Barbara Carstens, PCNA resident Esther Cramer, PCNA resident Lloyd Hale, PCNA resident Dean Suhr, RSNA resident Heather Bowerly, PCNA resident Sue McHugh, PCNA resident Heidi Farnbach, PCNA resident Stephanie Scott, PCNA resident Geo Scott, PCNA resident John Junkin, Attorney, Bullivant Houser, Bailey Melinda Robinson, BHNA, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Other Representatives of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Agenda Items: Meet and Greet Session: Members were invited to attend an informal meet and greet session with the new City Manager, Chris Jordan. This question and answer session was held from 6:00 – 7:00 P.M., in the City Council Chambers. The discussion was lively and Mr. Jordan eloquently addressed all of the community questions, in a professional and courteous manner. We thank, Mr. Jordan for taking the time out of his busy schedule to meet with us. Last month’s meeting minutes were presented by Bill Relyea. Minutes were approved by a unanimous vote. Bela Barany, PCNA Treasurer, provided an update on the budget for 2005. Overview of Current Projects: Maxfield/Legend Homes Development Project: The contractor has distributed hay to hold the soil in place during the rainy season. Officer Doolittle of the West Linn Police Department- Presentation-West Linn Park Watch: Information was given on the joint effort between citizens, West Linn Parks and Recreation, and the West Linn Police Department to ensure the safety of our neighborhood parks. This program is an extension of the Neighborhood Watch program and it relies on neighbors using simple techniques to detect, report, and deter crime and disorder in local parks. Officer Doolittle also discussed other crime in the area and the addition of a canine unit to the west Linn Police Department. Church of Jesus Christ – Latter Day Saints Representatives of the Church provided and overview of their proposal to build a church on Rosemont Road. The membership asked questions about the facility and its impact on the surrounding neighborhoods. Some of the concerns were: Traffic Noise Feasibility of building such a large facility in a pre-dominantly residential area Parking on the site and overflow parking Use of the facility as an emergency shelter Other uses of the facility and their schedule How many residents will be using the facility? How many cars will be using the facility and what will that impact be on other facilities in the area, parks, schools, etc… Intersection traffic congestion Impact on walkway trails and sport activities Neighborhood Development Consulting Contract Details of the consulting contract were presented to the membership. The membership was informed that the proposals would be available for viewing and comment. The consulting firm of Cogan Owen and Cogan has presented the best bid package according to the PCNA President, if anyone has concerns with using this consulting firm they should be prepared to present this information to the Neighborhood Development Planning Committee at their next meeting. The meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month at the Adult Community Center. Community Comments Period No new items were mentioned or brought forward, for the next meeting scheduled for December 28, 2005.