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Parker Crest Neighborhood Association Alice Kelledjian Richmond, P.C.N.A. President P.C.N.A. update on the latest meeting: * The President introduced the following speakers: Ø W.L Police Chief, John Ellison Ø W.L. Police Sergeant, Randy Schleining Ø W.L. Police Officer, Jim Doolittle Ø C.C.C.C. Darcie Baker and Mark Rasmussen from Clackamas County Correctional Community Ø P.C.N.A. Assistant to the President, Sue La’szl’o * Sue has been assisting the President for a year or two; she is now officially recognized. * Announcement of cancellation was noted at this time: Anne Mitchell, representative from the Port of Portland, suffered an ankle injury. This item is expected to be rescheduled. * The agenda opened at 7:08pm, with Chief Ellison, who spoke fervently on various questions asked, providing satisfactory answers. It should be noted that the following issues have yet to be resolved: (1) Skate boarders claiming Parker Road and challenging motor vehicle traffic to hazardous dares. (2) Also reported, detriments of suspicious activities occurring near the skate park and its vicinities. * The highlights of this meeting were as follows: (1) the taser gun ‘electronic ejection’ demonstration. Schleining presented this police tool in a captivating demonstration, which served to inform and alleviate the audience of concerns on this gun. Since the Chief had to leave at 8:00pm, and no other model volunteered to receive the taser, Schleining used a board dummy to demonstrate the actual performance of this weapon. In conclusion, Schleining supplied some graphic notes on this impressive issue. THANK YOU, Sergeant Schleining! * Next, Darcie Baker came well prepared to speak on the various degrees (and phases) of molesters and predators as well as the laws which govern these subjects. It is essential that the public (of all ages) is properly educated on topics such as this. Mark Rasmussen provided additional instructions as citizens directed questions to Sergeant Schleining, who provided further information in answering these questions. Manual documents were distributed on how to understand and protect children (adults, too) from these offenders. Darcie’s presentation concluded by 9:05pm. In conclusion, I have prearranged for another step (juvenile) on sex offenders in a future agenda, scheduled to be presented at the September 2004 P.C.N.A. meeting. * This meeting was adjourned at 9:10pm. Like a real trooper, Officer Jim Doolittle stayed to help the President restore the City Hall Chamber! Thank you, Sir! Also, a big THANK YOU to Chief Ellison: we appreciate your time and efforts. And finally, thank you to Darcie Baker and Mark Rasmussen for giving us an inside view on laws and offenders. * In hope that each day we can better the world! These summaries conclude this minutes report. Submitted this day, May 12th, 2004 by Alice Richmond, P.C.N.A. President Alice Richmond Julie Eggiman P.C.N.A. President P.C.N.A. Executive Recorder 503.557.9158 503.650.4895 The next meeting is September 29, 2004 at 7:00 p.m. in the Council Chambers