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Marylhurst Neighborhood Association Meeting Minutes May 27th, 2008 OPENING: The regular meeting of the Marylhurst Neighborhood Association was called to order at 7:10 pm on Tuesday, May 27th 2008 at the West Linn Adult Community Center by Vice-President Dave Richards Present: 6 association members were present. Their being no quorum, Vice-President Richards declared an informal meeting. Approval of Minutes: As the membership was functioning without a quorum, approval of the March and April minutes were deferred to the June 24th, 2008 meeting. COMMITTEE REPORTS: Treasurer’s Report: Mr. Koll was not present. Neighborhood Representative to Land Use Pre-Applications Conference Report Karie Oakes reported there were no new land use applications in the neighborhood. NEW BUSINESS: Request for Neighborhood Association Boundary Change Mr. Phil Gentemann had requested the opportunity to discuss with the neighborhood association a proposal to move the residents of Mt. View Ct. to the Skyline Ridge Neighborhood Association. Without a quorum and therefore no possibility of a neighborhood vote on the topic, a brief and informal discussion was held. Mr. Gentemann stated that he made a request for the change to the city and received the approval of Mr. Brock, the president of the Skyline Ridge Neighborhood Association. The city had asked that he also make a presentation to the Marylhurst Neighborhood Association. When asked about the reasoning and if there were any urgency to the request, Mr. Gentemann indicated that the realtor for his Breckenridge development on Mt. View Ct did want to be able to market the properties as being able to obtain membership in the Skyline Ridge pool. Mr. Gentemann also stated that the review process by the city would take place regardless of the opinion of the Marylhurst NA, though that opinion would, or course, be taken into consideration during the process. MNA Minutes, 05-27-2008 Draft Page 2 of 2 In light of these facts, Secretary Brian Eastman recommended that the Marylhurst NA board draft a letter to the city manager and city council. In this letter, they would not take a position on the proposed boundary change. Rather, they would let the city know the neighborhood would be satisfied with the process so long as there are public hearings where residents and possibly the neighborhood association could testify on the matter. OLD BUSINESS: Selection of a Gathering Tree for Future Marylhurst Park This agenda item was not discussed Marylhurst Neighborhood Plan This agenda item was not discussed Neighborhood Cleanup Day This agenda item was not discussed Amendments to CDC Chapter 99 Karie Oakes reported that the City Council, at their May 12th meeting, had approved the changes to CDC chapter 99 relating to the notification and approval processes for quasi-judicial matters. Mrs. Oakes provided additional details relating to concerns of many neighborhood associations and citizens that the process had not been very transparent or well publicized. While the focus of the original chapter revision focused on the structure of the Planning Commission and the potential addition of a Land Use Hearings Board, there were several significant changes that had been reported as “minor and administrative cleanup revisions” in the staff report. These “minor changes”, in the opinion of many who testified at the May 12th hearing, unduly restrict the ability of the citizenry to actively participate in the land use process. Agenda Items for Next Meeting: Approval of minutes for March 25th, April 22nd and May 27th Selection of a “gathering tree” for Marylhurst Park Neighborhood Cleanup Day Marylhurst Neighborhood Plan. Adjourn Vice-President Richards adjourned the meeting at 8:00pm. The next regular association meeting will be at 7:00pm on Tuesday, June 24th, 2008 at the West Linn Adult Community Center. Minutes submitted by: Brian Eastman, Secretary