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AGENDA WLHSNA MONTHLY MEETING TUESDAY OCTOBER 16, 2007 CALL TO ORDER 7:00 PM ESTABLISHMENT OF QUORUM POLICE DEPARTMENT REPORT APPROVAL OF MINUTES FROM THE SEPTEMBER 18, 2007 MEETING TREASURER’S REPORT ANNOUNCEMENTS: OLD BUSINESS: 1) Marylhurst Park 2) HSNA Plan 3) HSNA Newsletter NEW BUSINESS: 1) Rosemont Ridge Holiday entertainment schedule 2) INVITED SPEAKERS appx. 7:30PM: 1) Jim Becker and Lori Randall, Wells Fargo Reverse Mortgage specialists. 2) Air Pride will present a cost analysis of an existing Hidden Springs Home’s furnace vs. costs to install and operate a new furnace. ADJOURN ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- HSNA MEETINGS ARE HELD IN THE ADULT COMMUNITY CENTER, 1800 ROSEMONT ROAD, BEGINNING AT 7PM ON THE THIRD TUESDAY OF EACH MONTH. THIS IS A PUBLIC MEETING. CHILDREN AND STUDENTS ARE WELCOME AND RESIDENTS AND OFFICERS OF OTHER NEIGHBORHOOD ASSOCIATIONS ARE ENCOURAGED TO ATTEND. is currently being reconstructed so you may want to wait a bit before visiting. PLEASE HELP US BY BRINGING YOUR OWN COPY OF THIS AGENDA AND A COPY OF THE September, 2007 HSNA MEETING IF YOU ATTENDED. BRING YOUR NEIGHBORS! THANK YOU.