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MINUTES HIDDEN SPRINGS NEIGHBORHOOD ASSOCIATION MARCH 15, 2005 In attendance Acting President Lynn Fox Secretary Donna Baker Guest Jim Labbe, Audubon Society of Portland The monthly meeting of the Hidden Springs Neighborhood Association was called to order at 7:10 PM on March 15, 2005 at West Linn City Hall, 22500 Salamo Road, West Linn, Oregon. Sixteen (16) members attended plus approximately six (6) guests. The minutes were reviewed, approved and passed unanimously. A brief Traffic Safety Committee Report was presented by Lynn Fox who attended the Traffic Engineering Seminar March 7, 2005 at City Hall. One of the more interesting facts brought out at the Traffic Safety Seminar was the fact that trees planted along the roadside create a psychological barrier causing drivers to slow down. The road size remains unchanged but the drivers perception is that it has become smaller. Neighbors living along Pimlico who have been searching for methods to control the traffic along their street are encouraged to work together and with the Traffic Safety Committee to create a tree planting campaign along Pimlico where there are no trees or the existing trees are diseased or inappropriate, ie fruit bearing or damaging the sidewalk. Members interested in participating can email WLHSNA at Anyone wishing to see what can be accomplished, can drive by the trees recently planted along Santa Anita by the residents of Tack Court and West Linn City Parks and Engineering Departments. Barbara Eden, resident of Tack Court, briefly described the process she and her neighbors used to clean up the Santa Anita site. The residents of Tack Court, Barbara Eden and the City Staff all deserve our thanks for turning an eyesore into an asset. HSNA Police Advisory Committee Chair, Harvey Schulz, presented a report regarding the Police Advisory Committee meeting he attended on Monday March 14, 2005 at City Hall. Police Chief Ellison’s Strategic Plan is in finalization. The budget will be presented to the Council. A monthly newsletter will be available electronically or with the sewer and water bill. The Lochs Fest will present activities ranging from art exhibits to a bicycle rodeo on . Senate Bill 640 is currently working its way through the legislature. This bill would require biometric information from people applying to renew a license or for a new license. Currently the DMV does not communicate between offices and individuals intent on obtaining more than one license can travel from DMV office to DMV office on the same day and obtain multiple licenses. Those people who feel they would rather the DMV become more efficient rather then allow further government intrusion into their personal information may contact to register their concerns Why providing a finger print or a face scan would make the DMV offices suddenly able to communicate with one another was not presented at the Policy Advisory Committee Meeting. If the DMV offices communicated using the private information the public has already permitted government agencies to use, why would people need to allow this further intrusion into their privacy? This item remains open for discussion at future meetings and members with questions or concerns can contact for more information Block Homes that in the past were designated as safe places for lost children is a program that is no longer in use. It has been replaced by the McGruff House Program. There are several different models available for this program and any individual interested can contact Sergeant Rick Snider at (503) 655-6214 or email WLHSNA at The Citizens Police Academy which educates the public on police responsibilities is offering a 13 week program which meets from 6:30 to 9:30 on Saturdays and begins in September. Participants must be 18 years of age, a resident of West Linn, work in West Linn or own a business in West Linn. This might be an excellent opportunity for one of our High School Seniors interested in a career in this field. Chairman of the Sustainability Committee, Curt Somers, advised us that the committee is meeting for its initial review of the reading list on Thursday and will be working with the Willamette Neighborhood Association which has also formed a committee to research sustainability options in West Linn. Influencing the future of the Stafford Triangle will be the focus of the Committee’s meeting and a report will be presented at the next HSNA meeting. Rosemont Point aka the Olson property was discussed. Bob Thomas presented detailed information regarding this issue. At it’s Monday meeting the City Council approved Mr.Olson’s request to be placed on the ballot for annexation as R7 lots. The applicant was repeatedly advised by Councilman Gates at that time that the residents had recently displayed strong resistance to the R7 designation on Parker Road. The property in question is located at Parker Road and Lancaster Road. This matter will be coming up for vote in the May election. The approval of R7 lots would create higher density, more demand on the water supply, more demand on Fire services, more students in the schools and more traffic than would an R10 or an R15 zone. If you would like to know what an R7 zoning designation is like you may visit Happy Valley or Beaverton to experience the traffic and parking issues or simply drive thru, or better yet try to park, in some of the newest additions to West Linn. An R10 or R15 zone would create less traffic, less increase in the student population, less demand on fire and rescue and be more consistent with the zoning along Parker Road. These are the same issues and the same area that you all signed petitions about a few months ago. The voters have an opportunity to voice their desires regarding the kind of community they wish to live in during this election. Mr. Labbe from the Portland Audubon Society presented information regarding goal five and the current Metro issues. April 7th the League of Conservation There will be a Sing-a-long on May 28th at and a Hearing May 12th at Old Business: The revised by-laws were presented by the Chairman of the By-laws Committee Chuck Lytle. He explained that the changes had been made to make the By-laws consistent with the city code and to correct typographical errors. Chuck Lytle moved that the revised By-laws be accepted and Harvey Schulz seconded and the membership unanimously approved. Lynn Fox advised the membership that when Mr. Belais resigned as president he failed to notify her that the position of Hidden Springs representative’s position to the Police Advisory Committee was open for nomination. Since he was given the unique position of Member at Large (Hidden Springs) by the Council, he must have nominated himself. In addition, when Ms. Fox requested information from Mr. Atkins in November, 2004 regarding replacement of the representative Dr. Kim who had failed to attend meetings, Mr. Atkins advised her to present the name of a volunteer to replace Dr. Kim and did not advise her that the position was open for nomination as of October, 2004. Because the acting president was given misinformation, the appropriate nomination was not made in a timely manner. The membership moved that the next meeting be held April 19th, 2005. The meeting was adjourned at approximately 9:30 PM. Respectfully submitted, Lynn Fox, Acting President, Donna Baker, Secretary/Treasurer