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HIDDEN SPRINGS NEIGHBORHOOD ASSOCIATION West Linn, Oregon Minutes October 19, 2004 In attendance President: Al Belais Vice-President Lynn Fox David Kempas, WL Police Department Officer Bunch, WL Police Department Additionally there were approximately eight (8) members of the Neighborhood Association and eleven (11) candidates for public office and representatives of various ballot measures. The purpose of the meeting was to provide an opportunity for community members to hear candidates present their platforms, allow proponents and opponents of various ballot measures to present their positions and respond to questions from the community. Cleve Joiner, Assistant Fire Marshal of Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue gave a presentation regarding the Local Option Levy Renewal for Fire and Emergency Medical Services. Former West Linn member of the Planning Department Colin Cooper gave a presentation regarding Ballot Measure #37. Also present were candidates Dave Adams, Scott Burgess, Teri Cummings, Mike Gates, Michael Kapigian, Norm King, Terry Pennington, and Jack Simpson. All candidates gave a brief presentation and entertained questions from the floor. President Belais was called away and the Vice President replaced him briefly for the remainder of the meeting. Donna Baker made a motion to hold a meeting on the third Tuesday in November. The motion was seconded by Harvey R. Schultz and passed by a majority. The next meeting will be November 16, 2004 in the Adult Community Center if available. The meeting was adjourned at approximately 10:00 pm Submitted by Lynn Fox, Vice-President