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HIDDEN SPRINGS NEIGHBORHOOD ASSOCIATION West Linn, Oregon Minutes April 20, 2004 The meeting was called to order by Al Belais, President at 7:00pm. In attendance were 9 members of the community. The minutes were approved. Kevin Bryck moved to approve and Dale Blanchard seconded. Traffic studies will be conducted on Santa Anita and Suncrest during the month of May according to information supplied at the most recent Traffic Safety Committee meeting as reported by the Vice President. Material was provided for those interested in Neighborhood Watch Programs. Mayor Dodds stopped in briefly at the request of the Vice President and answered questions regarding recent Metro issues. Metro is demanding approximately 575 acres be set aside for light industrial and manufacturing in the Wankers Corner area. Approximately 175 acres of the proposed 575 acres is actually suitable for light industrial and manufacturing use, leaving the majority of the land available for some other type of development. Since there are so many vacant light industrial and manufacturing sites in the Portland area and in the Route 26 Corridor, it was asked how much unused inventory was available. Metro has no inventory of currently available light industrial and manufacturing land. Attendees were concerned regarding overestimated growth rate, transportation impact and ringing the Stafford Triangle and destroying the buffer. Metro will hold three meetings in May. Thursday, April 22, 5PM at the Gresham Public Safety and School Building, 1133 NW Eastman Parkway and 5PM Thursday, April 29 at the Washington County Public Services Building auditorium, 155 First Ave, Hillsboro and 5PM Thursday , May 6 at the Holiday Inn Wilsonville, 25425 SW 95th Ave. (I-5 exit 286). Agendas will be available a week in advance of the meetings at or by calling (503)-797-1540. Curt Sommer presented information regarding Clackamas Public Power and the upcoming election which sets up the framework for the PUD. A two step process would be required to take over the hydro facility. Mr. Sommer can be contacted for information at (503)-655-2682 or (503)-222-1133 or www. Kevin Byrck of the Trail Advisory Committee provided maps and information regarding the Proposed Palomino Loop Trail Project. Unobtrusive but useful signs will be posted along the trail which loops from Hwy. 43 to Palomino Park as well as traveling from the Linnwood Condos along Palomino Circle and Palomino Way to Apaloosa Way. A new section of trail from Mohawk Way to Palomino Loop Trail was created by Eagle Scouts. Information was provided regarding the Aquatic Center Advisory Ballot, said information is attached. Mr. Robert Thomas gave a brief report of the most recent School Board Meeting. The issue relating to the sale of the Dollar Street Site are more fully explained in his report which is attached. Three members of the School Board are coming up for reelection. Mr. Belais stated he would like one more mailing to advise members of Cleanup day and the May 18th and June 15th meetings. Page – 2 Minutes, April 20, 2004 Old business remaining: Al Belais previously agreed to contact the city regarding underbrush and this was not discussed at this meeting. Discussion of expansion into area 37 was proposed for discussion at the last meeting and was not pursued in this meeting therefore this matter remains on the agenda. A committee report regarding the School Board Committee will be placed on the upcoming agenda. The next meeting will be May 18th at 7PM at the Adult Community Center if it is available. The meeting was adjourned at 8:30. Submitted by Lynn Lytle, Vice President.