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Neighborhood Association Presidents Meeting with West Linn City Council 2/25/04 Meeting Summary by Pam Yokubaitis, MPH, RHIA Mayor David Dodds welcomed all attendees at 7 PM. Self introductions were made. City staff made available numerous resource documents for all Neighborhood Association Presidents to have copies of: Community Development Code, Feb. 2003 Council Goals, City of West Linn Owner’s Manual, City of West Linn Charter, West Linn Municipal Code, List of B&C Members, Council Accomplishments 2001-2004, City of West Linn Comprehensive Plan, two sizes of colored maps showing the West Linn Neighborhood Association boundaries, small city flags and West Linn pins. Neighborhoods then discussed their issues of concern, needs, and asked questions. With City Council leaders present, questions were directed to Council. Primarily four topics were discussed: differences between Home Owner Associations (HOAs) and Neighborhood Associations (NAs), proposed tree ordinance, traffic concerns at Rosemont School, and unfinished sidewalks. The following are highlights of this meeting: ???? Home Owner Associations versus Neighborhood Associations: There was concern that residents don’t clearly understand the role of the Neighborhood Association in comparison to Home Owner Associations. Discussion occurred regarding how to distinguish the difference. It was explained that multiple subdivisions and their Home Owner Associations (if they have one) comprise a Neighborhood Association; another person explained that Home Owner Associations are private organizations that address issues concerning a designated group of homes, whereas Neighborhood Associations are public associations that address neighborhood issues with the city. City staff will publish an article in their next issue of Update for all residents to clarify this matter. ???? Tree Ordinance: concern was expressed about a proposed tree ordinance that few people were aware of. The city stated a committee has been working on this matter for some time, and that they try to keep residents informed of what is happening. Currently the proposal is in draft stage. Individuals who are considering taking down trees on their property are advised to become familiar with the proposed changes. ???? Downed Tree on Creek Bridge between Hidden Creek Estates and Barrington Heights: I explained that the city and homeowner of the property where this tree has fallen down between Hidden Creek Estates and Barrington Heights subdivisions has been at a standstill for months with no resolution to removing this tree that is adjacent to the water's edge. I added that Sunset School children will be climbing all over it in the spring when they come to do their creek water analysis tests if it's not removed, and that the guard rail is damaged in multiple places. I explained that I had spoken with Sam Foxworthy from Public Works months ago about this downed tree, at which time the top was cut off to allow passage on the sidewalk and road, and yellow tape was put around it - but nothing more has occurred since then. Discussion ensued regarding the fact that the city can't remove all fallen trees, but I explained that both Public Works and the property owners have yet to come to a resolution regarding whose responsibility it is to remove. As a result, the City Manager, Sandi Farley said she would assume responsibility for looking into this matter immediately to take appropriate action. ???? Traffic Concerns at Rosemont School: Concern was expressed about only one entrance and exit into and out of Rosemont Middle School. The Council stated that this is a matter to be taken up with the School Board since they did the planning for this facility. It was suggested that perhaps another exit could be made by the Adult Community Center. Further research and investigation with the school board is required first. ???? Unfinished Sidewalks: How to get unfinished sidewalks completed was briefly discussed and the process to accomplish this. ???? Crime: Chief Ellis mentioned that residents should take all precautionary measures to remove all identity items from their cars (brief cases, PDAs, etc.) and mail your mail from the post office since identity theft is a major concern. Residents should not be complacent just because we live in the suburbs. Our residents are attractive targets for thieves. ???? The next City Council meeting with NA Presidents will be scheduled after Labor Day. Date to be determined. The meeting was 2 hours and 10 minutes long and adjourned at 9:10 PM.