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Meeting Date: May 22, 2002

Meeting Started: 7:10 PM

Meeting held: West Linn City Hall Council Chambers

Barrington Heights Board Members Present: 1) Sue Jones 2) Robert Perkins 3) James King 4) Brian Allen Other Attendees: 5) Larry Jones 6) James King

Bylaws: The proposed bylaws for the neighborhood association were distributed and discussed. The bylaws are the same as adopted by the ten existing neighborhood associations in West Linn except for the addition of the following: “Neighborhood association issues shall be limited to street traffic issues within the neighborhood.” A motion was made by Robert Perkins and seconded by James King to accept the change to the bylaws. The change will be made, and a copy of the revised bylaws will be attached and made a part of this record.

Neighborhood Association (NA) Meetings: Sue Jones had talked with the Presidents of the ten existing neighborhood associations. All are flexible with regard to meetings and actions. They are mainly reactive to issues (e.g. land use). It was proposed that the Barrington Heights Neighborhood Association have one meeting per year. A motion was made and seconded by James King, that the Neighborhood Association yearly meeting will be held after the Barrington Heights Homeowners meeting held in January, but before May 22.

Boundaries of NA: A map of proposed boundaries of the Barrington Heights Neighborhood Association was distributed and discussed. A motion was made by Robert Perkins and seconded by Larry Jones to accept the boundaries as proposed. The motion was passed unanimously. A copy of the boundary map is attached and made a part of this record.

Nomination of Officers: The members of the Board of Directors of Barrington Heights Homeowners Association volunteered to serve as the Neighborhood Association Board of Directors. Nominations were opened for additional names; none were placed. A motion was made by James King and seconded by Robert Perkins to accept the nominations of Sue Jones (President), Greg Ankofski (Vice President), Shelley Hanlin (Secretary), and Brian Allen (Treasurer). The motion passed unanimously.

New Business: Brian Allen will establish a bank account for the neighborhood association. West Linn City Council will determine whether the association will receive an annual amount equal to that given to other associations ($1500) or if it will receive an equal portion of a total amount of $1364. The funds do not carry forward, but may be replenished annual if needed.

Committees: There was discussion regarding inclusion of the existing committees of the Barrington Heights Homeowners Association within the framework of the neighborhood association as appropriate. There was specific discussion of the Traffic and Safety Committee, which Brian Allen and Robert Perkins agreed to chair. A motion was made by James King and seconded by Larry Jones to include the committees. The motion passed unanimously.

West Linn city representative, John Atkins, indicated that city meeting facilities as well as managers of various activities (e.g. engineers and planners) would be available to the neighborhood association for meetings and discussions.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:40PM Respectfully, Brian Allen