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Sunset Neighborhood Association Quarterly Meeting Minutes

May 5, 2005

Meeting Location: West Linn City Hall Council Chambers


Patti McCoy, President of the Sunset Neighborhood Association (SNA), called the meeting to order at 7:05 p.m. with 24 people in attendancett.


Minutes from the October 12, 2004 meeting were discussed and approved.


In Treasurer’s absence, President reported that of the $1500/year budget (July 1 – June 30) from the city, we currently have a transacted balance of $1,046.10. In addition to this, we have spent $295.00 (estimated) for postcard notice on May meeting, are committed to reimburse $35.70 for plastic meeting signs, and have incurred $58.52 for officer meeting, meeting refreshments and copy charges. The projected unspent funds remaining in the budget as of May 5th is about $655 (after the obligations above are paid). A separate fund containing monies raised by the SNA has a balance of $262.71.

II. Neighborhood Police Officer for Sunset – No officer in attendance at this meeting. Patti McCoy reported about the McGruff House Program that the City of West Linn Police Dept. is looking into starting. The Program provides safe house environments for at-risk children, similar to the neighborhood block watch program. Patti asked attendees for a show of support for the program. All in attendance felt involvement was valuable and would support the program. One attendee asked how the program would be funded. Patti said she would follow up with Rick on this. For more information call the West Linn Police Department at 503-655-6214.

III. Dumpster Day Event Patti reported that Sunset will not execute its own Dumpster Day project this spring, because of plans the City has to conduct a citywide event. Shauna Shroyer, West Linn Volunteer Coordinator and Sunset neighborhood resident, reported that the City of West Linn will have a citywide clean-up day with approximately 10 dumpsters. Patti suggested to Shauna that Sunset NA residents alone routinely fill up four dumpsters and have filled five dumpsters at their Spring 2004 event. Patti suggested that the City obtain at least 15 dumpster boxes for its event. Shauna reported that the City event will be open to West Linn residents only, and will not accept any of the materials residents can place at curbside each week (kitchen garbage, glass/paper/plastic recycling) or toxics. The event will occur Saturday June 25th from 9-1pm at Willamette Park. Watch for notices and updated information in the West Linn Tidings and the city’s Update community flyer. To volunteer to help contact Shauna Shroyer at 503-723-2544 or IV.

Lock Fest Celebration Event is scheduled for Saturday May 14th between 7 am – 5:30 pm. Lions’ Pancake Breakfast starting at 7am, Willamette Jet Boat mini-rides (West Linn residents free between 10-12), come see a PT Boat 658 going down the locks, Lion burgers from 10-2pm. A variety of exhibits, music, plus much more. Sunset Neighborhood Association supports assisting the Heritage Foundation in defraying $350 of its promotional expense, and this recommended expense is reflected in the treasurer’s report distributed at the meeting. For more information and volunteering, contact Willamette Falls Heritage Foundation at 503-650-9570 or V.

Water Related Topics West Linn buys water from the South Fork Water Board. Currently, the City is working on their 5-year Master Water Plan. Water Plant Tours are available at any time to interested residents. A recent inquiry by a Sunset resident involved their feeling that the water has occasional odor and taste issues related to chlorine treatment, leading them to get a water filter. Patti asked attendees if any of them had similar concerns about the water. None were raised. Patti noted she had never in her six+ years as an SNA officer had a water inquiry before this one, leading her to believe this was an isolated issue. Residents with any questions may contact the city or the Water District. VI.

Old Business

a. West Nile Virus Reminder –Oregon had reported cases in the human population in 2004, and this suggests incidents will increase in 2005. Residents were reminded that stagnate water provides a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Be pro active. Use mosquito dunks in water features, mosquito fish available from county vector control, keep fresh water in birdbaths, and empty unnecessary water reservoirs where mosquito larvae can breed.

b. Pocket Park - located in a vacant lot at the corner of Summit and Rosemont –the committee has not held a meeting since May 2004 – discussion left off with talks about being an adult obstacle course and maybe having a future porta-potty. Patti will follow up with pocket park committee chair Ann Short. Patti commented again that neighbors contiguous to the lot without email require mailed or hand-delivered meeting notices.

c. Pellet Gun Problem – Continued reports of kids shooting pellet or air guns at animals and randomly in parks and public areas in the neighborhood have raised additional questions about the legality of these pellet guns in public areas and the resulting litter caused by the non-biodegradable pellets. Police Sgt. Rick Senger has made a copy of the related ordinance, which Officer Friend will deliver to SNA before or at our next meeting. It details how it is illegal for these guns to be displayed or used in public areas, including streets, parks, wilderness areas, schools, etc. For further information, see the West Linn City Code, Chapter 5, under Public Protection 5.020. VII.

New Business

a. Windsor Terrace parking change –The construction project at West Linn High School has resulted in a shortage of student parking. Students from WLHS have been parking on Windsor Terrace and walking down through the easement path. At the request of residents in the immediate area, the city has put up No Parking signs on the western side of the street at the turn until all of the construction at the school is finished.

b. Street Repaving Project – starting the middle of May, the City will begin the street-paving project on Long Street (in front of the fire hall) from Exeter and down to Sunset St. There are no immediate plans to improve any other streets in our neighborhood at this time. Patti explained that the City uses a Paving Management Index system, which rates all streets in West Linn for maintenance needs, and repaving. She suggested she could invite someone from the city to our next meeting to share the status and funding issues for street maintenance in West Linn and in Sunset Neighborhood in particular. For more information or concerns regarding streets contact Ron Hudson, City Public Works Director.

c. Tree and Noise Ordinances - the new council is revisiting these ordinances. There is some concern about noise from the Sunset Fire Hall with summer coming - if any problems contact the police department. If you have any questions regarding trees, the parks department has an arborist that can come out and look for free – contact the city.

d. Lacrosse Field Water Issue – An issue has arisen this spring surrounding a proposal that the City pay all water system development charges on a school district-owned property so that a local private lacrosse club using the field can water the grass. Such a decision could set a precedent, which the city can ill afford to finance. Will continue to monitor.

e. West Linn’s Volunteer Clearinghouse – Shauna Shroyer, West Linn Volunteer Coordinator, presented a document outlining opportunities for volunteering in our community - if interested call 503-723-2544.

f. West Linn Farmers and Artist Market – every Wednesday night between 3-8:30pm in the Willamette area.

g. Items from the Floor · Questions were raised regarding the completion of the fencing and the nets for the Sunset tennis/basketball court next to the Sunset Fire hall -when will they be finished? Post-Meeting Follow-up: City of West Linn employee Denise Kai reports the fencing will go up by late May. Surfacing for the tennis courts and outlines for basketball will follow that, weather dependent. These items are in the current budget period, ending June 30. Posts and net may have to be covered by the 05/06 budget, as this is a general fund project and not covered by SDCs. Our thanks to Shauna for follow-up on this item!

· Questions were raised regarding how to deal with a nuisance dog issue -some specific dogs have escaped from a backyard fence that is not secure, are not on a leash and may potentially be dangerous animals. How many times/calls does it take to have anything done about it, or does it take someone being attacked? Patti explained that all dogs in West Linn must be licensed, must be contained safely in or on owner’s property or be on a leash at all times. If this is not the case, the city animal control officer should be called. The residents raising this issue said they had been in contact with Officer Deets, who was responsive within the scope of her job. The fear is that the continued escape of these animals presents a risk to residents. As an additional suggestion, the resident was urged to call Peggy Jones, City of West Linn Code Enforcer, at 503-655-6124, for possible additional solutions.

h. Please remember to VOTE in the May 17th special election.


With no further business before the SNA, Patti adjourned the meeting. Respectfully submitted by Doreen Vokes and Doug Vokes, Secretary/Treasurer of the SNA. SNA


President, Patti McCoy 503-655-3445

Vice President, Barry Hendrix 503-656-1670

Secretary/Treasurer, Doug Vokes 503-650-2072

For association info and meeting minutes, or for general city information, visit