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P.C.N.A. Minutes on the Latest Meetings The following topics were discussed at the meeting held on Monday, August 18th, 2003: • Attendance: No police personnel attended, again! 14 people were present (see attendance sheet). • A discussion was geared over an existing inconsistency in policing the Hoodview area of Parker Crest neighborhood (i.e. posted signs of regulations and others not being observed, enforced, or randomly applied). At this location of the city, the residents would like to see conformity as to whatever it is. • Their homeowners policy management requiring certain rules? Please advise me as to how I may best achieve to resolve these bothers to a (hopeful) better livable situation. • An inspection by the fire marshal at Hoodview and report to traffic safety their recommendation for efficiency and correction is advised [this due upon an incident in this area]. • We discussed the details on the up-coming BBQ, which was held on September 21st, 2003 at the City’s Community Center. The attendance was slow to arrive. I (Alice) felt disappointed at first from the shy arrivals; perhaps the timing was not preferable (the location was). However, all in all, 40 to 45 people attended; few prizes were handed out; few were saved for our next anticipated event planned for the holiday season (possibly the evening of Tuesday, Decebmber 2nd, 2003). Again, we will work with John Atkins and Shauna Shroyer how best to proceed this next event. And now a great applause is due to Mr. Atkins to fly high his kite and share his kite with Mayor Dodds. My thanks and appreciation for my associates: Julie Eggiman, Don and Laura Schwindt, Susan Laszlo, and John Rupert for his hard work to accommodate us with the atmosphere of an all American picnic. • Also, within the month intermittence activities, two separate entities regarding two country sites, developers within this community was briefed and retracted; possibly for a future agenda. • Currently my efforts are to collaborate and hope to generate and inspire by including my ‘neighbors” to join our activities as well as for congenial connection relation (i.e. programming activities to share). Here again having Mr. Atkins direction. • These summaries conclude this minutes report. A special thanks to Mr. Atkins’ offer to grill Mr. Moss’ burger, hot dogs, and buns. Submitted this day of September 30th, 2003 Alice Richmond Julie Eggiman P.C.N.A. President P.C.N.A. Executive Recorder 503.557.9158 503.650.4895