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Neighborhood Associations

The City of West Linn encourages, recognizes, and supports Neighborhood Associations, which are organized under provisions of Chapter 2 of the West Linn Municipal Code. Ten Neighborhood Associations receive official recognition from the City of West Linn.

What's the difference between a Homeowners Association and a Neighborhood Association?

A Homeowners Association is a private organization that usually contains a small neighborhood. Residents often pay dues to cover common area maintenance expenses. They are empowered by a restriction on your home’s deed.

Your CC&Rs (Covenants, Codes & Restrictions) are not a homeowners association, but they may place restrictions of what you can and can’t do with your property to preserve the character of your street or neighborhood. CC&Rs are restrictions placed into your deed. Usually they deal with fences, parking, roof materials, and other structural characteristics.

Neighborhood Associations are arms of the city. Neighborhood Associations (commonly referred to as NAs) are a voice to and from the City to the residents in an NA. NA boundaries can include multiple homeowners associations.

Please review the map of Neighborhood Associations to learn which neighborhood you reside in, or call the City of West Linn 503-657-0331 if you need additional assistance. Click here for NA maps:

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