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RNA Minutes November 10, 2009 23 in attendance President Thomas Boes called the meeting to order at 7:02 pm Secretary Tony mentioned that the Minutes present were actually the draft, that the final minutes would be available for approval at the next meeting. Michael moved that we approve the updated minutes at the next meeting, Bob seconded it, and all were in favor. Treasurer Robert gave the treasury report, with the starting balance for the month being 2074.94, and the ending balance of 1931.88. Don made the announcement for Parks and Recreation that on Nov. 14th at Maddox Woods there would be a Tree Lighting Celebration Ceremony, and they would stay light through to Dec. 31st. Also, that there would be another Holiday Tree lighting on Dec 5th, at the West Linn Central Village. The annual Holiday Bazaar will be at the Adult Center on Nov.14th from 9am to 4pm. Finally that the Holiday Parade will be on Dec. 12th in Willamette at 10am. President Thomas mentioned that the city and county are looking to fill volunteer positions on there various advisory councils, those positions are listed in the West Linn Tidings, the Clackamas County Citizens News, and the city’s web site. City Councilor Jody Carson was present, and gave an update on the Councils decisions for the City Council Review. Topics that were covered; The continuing of the Willamette Historic district project, the Bridge Task Forces decision to provide a pedestrian and cyclist shuttle during the O.C./W.L. bridge closure, the councils passing of the Savanna Oaks project, $250,000 was available from ODOT for the trail study for Salamo to Lancaster in conjunction with the solar highway project, the Willamette River locks project is being continued, the bus shelters for Hwy 43 are ordered (Bob suggested that the RNA work with 7-11 to get two pads poored for possible future 2nd shelter), the problem with the Comcast broadcasting of City Council meetings, the subject of the sewer districts, and finally the need to find citizen sewer volunteers to fill the positions of for the tri-cities advisory committee to provide citizen representation and a city council mediator. Don gave an update on the Parks Board. They are wrapping up the master Trails Plan, and are soon to begin working on the bathrooms and water features for Midhill Park and Robinwood Park. Request for design/construction proposal (RPF) for fountain has been issued A discussion occurred on the topic of the parking problems of Mary S. Young Park during sporting events. MAL Andy stated that the grant letter for the Trillium Creek stream restoration was submitted on Nov. 2nd, and was now in the process of review. He also discussed the other stream projects that he is involved in. He volunteered to speak about projects at future meetings. Report update on Robinwood Node, committee will be working to get another sight visit on a weekend day through either Ken Worster or the TVF&R, also that a set of bylaws are needing to be drafted for it. Helen also mentioned that on the issue of Cedaroak Dock, Ken has said that it will be in the same place just extended out further, and that possible railings might be installed on the fishing platforms. Thomas brought up the subject of outstanding RNA expenditures. A motion was made by Michael to de-authorize the old $200.00 payment to the Trail Advisory Board for signage that was completed without the need for our funds. Don seconded. Majority were in favor, two opposed. Esther then brought to the attention of the RNA that according to the newly adopted bylaws we were not able to vote on anything that was termed as “New Business” unless it was of a time sensitive nature. Kevin then made a motion that the outstanding expenditures be moved to old business, Bob seconded, and all were in favor. A motion was then made by Kevin that the outstanding payment of $300 for plants for Mary S. Young also be de-authorized, there were several seconds. Majority in favor, 1 opposed. President Thomas requested a discussion of future goals for the RNA and expectations for the new RNA board. One main goal was to get strong committees together, by populating them and getting a chairperson for each standing committee. Requests for volunteers would be posted on the neighborhood NING and the City website. Also, there should be new committees for the Robinwood Node, an Emergency preparedness plan, and one for Hwy. 43. Current Standing Committee Members Are, Parks; Andy Harris, Don Kingsborough, Kevin Byrck, and Robert Bjerre. Planning; Curt Sommer, Dale Fortuna, Duane Funk, and Thomas Boes. Streets; Michael Monical, and Tony Bracco Don mentioned that the greatest input for the Trails Master Plan is possible by going to the web site “” and attending the future public meeting which will be announced. Thomas mentioned 3 old goals of the neighborhood from the previous year were to “establish an emergency preparedness plan, have a neighborhood picnic, appropriate the use of the Fire Hall” and that according to the bylaws we are to keep these goals until accomplished. Since the picnic for 2009 was accomplished it will be replaced by the 2010 picnic. New goals suggested were to populate committees, coordinate with the new city economic developer for the revitalization of Hwy. 43 and the Robinwood Town Center (Curt volunteered to be the liaison), keep positive attitudes, get the meeting agendas posted up early, update contact list, stay in touch with city and bring information to the neighborhood, sustainability issues, and possibly revising the check in sheet to include status check in boxes (member, guest, city/gov. employee). Request was made to continue to suggesting goals for future. Dale suggested that we send a letter of gratitude to the city on behalf of the RNA for quickly issuing a stop work order and resolving the issue of the fence that was destroyed and stream that was illegally filled in by the renter of the property next to Burgerville, during the earlier part of June this summer. A final question was put to councilor Jody about the rumors of possible annexation of land up on hill for the possible location of an aquatic center. A discussion ensued on the issue of the aquatic center. The honorable Councilor was not able to provide more of an answer than that, “they are looking to purchase land for the location of the aquatic center, but can not divulge specific details about locations”. Michael moved to adjourn the meeting, multiple seconds. All were in favor. Meeting adjourned at 8:40pm