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Robinwood Neighborhood Assoc. October 2009 Emmanuel Presbyterian Church Kevin Bryck - President Curt Sommer - Acting Secretary 81 residents in attendance Minutes President Kevin Bryck called the meeting to order at approximately 7:05 PM. Invited speaker Chris Kerr from the WL Planning Dept discussed and updated the bus shelter situation on Hwy 43. He indicated they will be ordering shelters in the next couple weeks but the permitting process can still take several months. Councilor John Kovash discussed the proposed Wastewater Treatment Advisory Committee proposal. A representative of Clackamas County was also present to answer questions. Kevin closed the nominating process for board candidates. Kevin went over announcements of city business. Planting of plants will continue on Island View Trail until all plants have been planted. Nancy King discussed the Robinwood Neighborhood Network on Ning and offered any resident of Robinwood the opportunity to join. Don Kingsborough discussed the Robinwood Fire Station situation. The Lions want exclusive control of the building in return for improving and operating it. Tony Bracco introduced the board candidates and each one had 3 minutes to discuss their campaign. Andy Harris gave a presentation on stream restoration in Robinwood made a motion for the city to write a letter of endorsement of the program for a Metro grant to continue. Motion made and approved Kevin announced the results of the election. President: Charles Landscroner, received 13. Thomas Boes, received 68. V.P.: Jennifer Weltin, received 81. Secretary: Anthony Bracco, received 81. Treasurer: Dave Froude, received 21. Robert Bjere, received 60. M.A.L. Andy Harris received 81 Lawrence Koran moved for adjournment. Multiple seconds. Meeting adjourned.