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Willamette Neighborhood Association Pacific West Bank Date: February 10, 2010 Call to order 7:05pm Introductions Neighbors present: Buffalo Zobel, Beth Kieres, Elizabeth Rocchia, Ruth Offer, Jerry Offer, Rae Henry, Vicky Dunston, Gail Holmes, Julia Simpson, Jim Tait, Donna Tait, Midge Pierce, Pauline Beatty. Minutes January 2010 revision requested by Midge Pierce to include Borland Road corridor in the paragraph pertaining to the upcoming Metro meeting. Treasurer’s Report WNA City balance at PAC $1357.57. WNA balance at US Bank 2045.47 (deposit yoga students $1027, debit yoga teacher $270) Committee Reports Gateway Sign Update- Julia Simpson Reported that a meeting was held with herself, WL P&R director Ken Worcester, Mike Perry and Beth Kieres last week. The City will return the rail ties to the gateway sign coming from I 205 S. They have designed the new brand logo with metals to go on the ties. The new City colors will be included in the logo and the letters will be raised off the ties creating a 3-D effect. It was described as simple and authentic. More sign discussion was requested for the future-especially up at the intersection of 10th and WFD. Ruth Offer suggested that more sign work could be done jointly with the Main Street design committee and members of the WNA. Master Trail Plan-The group reviewed current status of trails on maps and ideas from the last meeting. Vicki Dunstan commented that over the summer she noticed evidence of sexual conduct and drug use at Swift Shore Park and was very concerned about the possibility of a trail causing an increase in crime and drug use in this park. She has seen groups of teenagers at night and at various times in the park and felt unable to go to the park. Midge Pierce has also experienced this. Donna and Jim Tait also voiced concern for the park. It has no vehicle access and is not patrolled by WL police or cared for by the WL Parks Dept. Vicki commented that she is speaking on behalf of other neighbors-not attending the meeting-who feel a trail to Swift Shore Park is a bad idea. Vicki and Donna will encourage more input from the neighbors in that area. Jerry mentioned WL Park Ranger could be involved-NA will need to check into this position to see what months it is filled. Beth Kieres and Jerry Offer raised concept of actually decreasing crime and drug use in this park because there would be more access with a trail and more use. This has been the case in other parks by Jerry’s experience working on recreation and park planning through his job. The NA agreed the swift shore neighborhood concerns for this park should be made known to the City and to the Police Dept. The group agreed that more focus on this area should occur over the summer months when most of the illicit activity seems to be occurring. As it is, it seems unlikely that connections for trails will be a priority in this area as there are a few properties that extend to the Tualatin shore and public access is limited. Trail priorities listed as: Willamette Park to Willamette Falls along river shore, Dollar Street to WFD-connection trail, a Willamette Park river shore trail, Field’s Bridge underpass trail connecting Dollar and FB Park, complete trails through Field’s Bridge, East 5th avenue connection through public right of way to below bus barn. Historic Code Ch 25 Update- Ruth Offer and Gail Holmes reviewed revisions of Ch 25 that have been sanctioned by the NA and the HRAB. The Code revisions will need to be presented and voted on by the Council. Date 3/8 6:30 Ruth Offer and Gail Holmes plan to attend/ speak. Celebration date is not firm yet, probably not until April. Main Street Update-committees are forming; Tim Tofte has agreed to get involved. Group is continuing to grow and develop their structure. Need more volunteers for organization committee. New Business Sidewalks: Beth Kieres will be working with Chris Sherland (new to HRAB and WNA) to document sidewalks that need repair in historic district during the spring. Julia Simpson commented that Ken Worcester advised in recent meeting about gateway sign that City will be able to help address sidewalk issues that are brought to their attention. NA group agreed that it should not be limited to the historic district but that any unsafe sidewalk should be reported. City has fixed other sidewalks that have been reported to them (comment Pauline Beatty). Jerry Offer will help with historic district sidewalks. Metro Land Use Designations: Still time to write letters to voice opinion of urban designation for Stafford area and Boreland corridor. Signage: Oregon Travel Council – handles signage for Oregon historic designated sites, trees etc. more investigation needed on what this group can provide. WNA Communication: Need more ways to reach out to community of WNA. Community Events 2/22 Trail Workshop 7-9pm at Willamette Primary-open to public; come and discuss your ideas for trail connections in West Linn. 5/15 Clean Up Day WL-Jerry suggested Ivy pull along WFD North of town. 5/15 Lockfest- Volunteers needed, please contact Future Agenda Items Signage for WFD/Historic District- Swift Shore Park- Willamette Park Traffic Changes Take Care of West Linn Day Lockfest WNA Communication Elizabeth Kieres, acting Secretary