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Willamette Neighborhood Association Pacific West Bank September 9 , 2009 Attendees: Beth Kieres, Buffalo Zobel, Midge Pierce,, Elizabeth Rocchia, Carol Yeats, Reena Heijdeman, Stephanie Nicoletti, Charles Awalt, Ruth Offer, Julia Simpson, Pauline Beatty, Gail Holmes Beth Kieres called meeting to order at 1907. Introductions followed. Minutes from previous meeting are posted on the City website. Minutes accepted, one abstained Treasurer’s report: $1828.33, ($44.45 of which is from the living history tour) $1558 in City account including SOLV $100 grant Guest Speaker Peter Spir unable to attend tonight. He is willing to come another month. Revisions have been made to the City building code, specifically to Willamette Falls Historic District. Code (Ch 25) and approved by planning commission. Approval by City council is the next step, (scheduled for Monday). Motion made and seconded City Council is asked to postpone taking action on adopting Chapter 25 code revisions until after next month’s neighborhood association meeting allowing WNA to review the changes. Motion passed. 1 opposed. A special meeting will be held in 3 weeks to go over Chapter 25 in detail. Ruth, Stephanie, Gail, Beth, Charles Sept 30 7pm at Beth’s 1852 4th Ave. Comments were made that the code revisions for the entire City have impact on the neighborhood and we should look at all the changes at some time. Peter Spir will be asked to come to next month’s meeting to explain code changes in general and their impact on the neighborhood. There is a need for a group/person to monitor code changes – Carol Yeats is willing to review these. Beth will forward code material as it comes from the City. Or Carol will request electronic copy. A consultant had been requested by Historic Resource Board to assist with the code review and revision to meet National Historic Registry guidelines. This was agreed to but now there is no funding available. There is a Historic Preservation Officer salary in budget, which is not used. Request to have consultant funded from that money to make the code compatible with National Registry Designation. Motion made and seconded. Since the Willamette Falls Historic District is likely to become National Registry property in near future, WNA requests a consultant to review code and make recommendations to amend the code to support National Registry standards. This position could be funded in part through the currently budgeted but unfilled position of historic preservation officer. Passed unanimously Committee Reports Clackamas Co Board of Commissioners meeting on extending the urban/rural reserve was held earlier this week. Stafford Triangle and Borland Rd are included in that discussion. Big turn out, citizens well prepared. The city of West Linn wants to keep Stafford Triangle etc out of any expansion of the urban growth boundary and maintain it as rural. Pete’s Mt area is also under discussion. The Clackamas County advisory board recommends the area along Borland be included in an expanded UGB . Concerns were voiced re traffic and transportation. I 205 expansions would be expensive. . CC board of commissioners votes next on this matter this week. Motion made and seconded. The Willamette Neighborhood Association urges a rural designation for the Borland Rd corridor and Stafford Triangle. Any consideration of other designations must include specific funding for infrastructure and transportation. Motion passed with 1 opposed, 1 abstaining Bike rack – ordered. One sided more expensive. Cayuse (bike business on WFDr) and WNA will share cost. A plaque will be placed to that effect Main Street Seminar on Main Street development Thursday Sept 17 and 18 at Marylhurst. Full seminar need not be attended. See the Clackamas Co Main Street website for more information. The market analysis for WFDr is ready and will be publicized in Oct. Living History tour Sept 19 tickets available q 15 min. 7-9 pm Beth to notify homeowners and businesses. Publicity – newspaper, city website, Tickets can be reserved on line through the city website. Talk it up. Committee will assess if this will remain an ongoing yearly event. Gateway Signs In 2002 a committee worked with the City to design gateway signs for I- 205 off ramps. Materials were chosen to symbolize the history of the area. . $3000 was spent on the 2 signs. This was to done as public space art and a lasting monument. Now there are new signs with the new logo for the City which has been funded through a grant for CC tourism. Motion made and seconded. WNA opposes the removal of the Willamette gateway signs off the 205 at 10th St which were carefully designed by a committee of WNA members, city employees and a local architect in 2002. WNA requests restoration of original signs. Motion passed. 2 abstained Work Session Work on the WNA bylaws will be done later Announcements 1. 9/26/09 8am- 12 dump day in Willamette. Willamette Primary School. Check on the City website for what will be accepted. Goodwill box will be available for reusable items. No hazardous materials. Volunteers needed: Ruth, Beth, Midge and Julia 11-12. 2. Roberta Schwartz sent notice of a celebration of the white oak savanna Friday Sept 25 at the adult community center 6-11pm 3. Hotel developers plan to appeal no date set 4. Mike Perkins notifies the WNA of large trees slated for removal at Willamette primary due to their poor condition and possible hazard. WNA requests marking of trees 5. Congressman Schrader will be here 0930-1030 at Bullseye. League meeting at Pacific bank after that 6. Arts Fair – this weekend in the park 7. Planter Clean up September Meeting Adjourned 2102 Next Meeting October 14 7-9 pm Submitted, Stephanie Nicoletti, acting as Secretary