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Willamette Neighborhood Association Meeting June 10, 2009 The meeting was opened by Beth Kieres at 7:04 p.m. Introductions followed. No minutes available from May meeting. Treasurer’s Report: Elizabeth Rocchia reported a balance of 2163.30. Approximately $500 for yoga course. Stipend of $1500 used for 2008-09. Funds for 2009-10 available July 1st. Guest Speakers: WLWSD Play Area Master Plan Tim Woodley David Pryor, Willamette Primary principle Ben Vaughn Mike Steve Winkel David Pryor, principle of Willamette Primary praised the schools staff, facility, students and supportive community but states the area of challenge remains the playground. Given the topography of the playground and 640 students in the Oregon climate, the school faces poor conditions in the outdoor play areas by October each year. There is funding for an upgrade from a bond measure. Planning process includes students, staff and district support. Architect presented the initial project goal was to work on drainage to fix the mud problem and make a nice space. Bigger concepts related to outdoor learning, physical education and recreation have been incorporated into the project. The plan with multiple concepts and areas was presented: open play areas with synthetic turf; passive use areas outside library with topography for platforms, niches, lumps and bumps and cover; soft play areas keeping the existing play structures with multiple levels to incorporate the existing topography; water quality swale and stage/outdoor seating area in lower far corner for outdoor learning area; passive play near cafeteria with learning areas; amphitheater; connections and removal of parking near greenhouse for planting activities and reinvigorating gardening space; and creative hard play zones. Ramps and connections to mitigate grade and allow play for all abilities. Phase one this summer: Open play synthetic turf area, storm water and drainage work. Phase Two: Planned following construction of a new West Linn grade school to relieve crowding and portables removed; hard play zone areas. Questions/Comments from Neighborhood: Open access-yes Synthetic surface? Gravel under and good drainage with grass surface WLBA requested installing synthetic turf on Fields Bridge Park. Parks has asked them to look at improving to allow Challenger Baseball access. Suggested that the turf be of similar quality/materials Phasing: initial funded, infrastructure built this summer, future added with fundraising and filling in plan. Suggest vinyl coated fence at the southern end of property. Good to see master plan and slowly work at it. How will routing and drop off for school buses be managed? No changes planned. Pavement improvement, will it be replaced? Not known. School good neighbor, parking is a part of our neighborhood. Provide information? School newsletter with link to calendar on the school website Permit process, conditional use and only through city planning. Future use will need full application and process with city planning. Current meeting not needed for phase one, but will be later. The district school bond was for facilities only. General fund from state, very separate. Bond language slated for Willamette. Current budget minimizes staff loss, done from attrition. Money for first phase. Looking for future cooperative work. District site with bond information- interactive map to see activity and design available. Will be updated. For information about the project: Contact Motion: Willamette NA is in support of the masterplan concept for the playground at Willamette Primary School Reena/Ruth. Unanimous Request to school district suggested by Carol Yates/Beth Keires –Willamette Primary make botanical tiles to name and describe the trees planted along the centennial pathway at Willamette Park. Carol Yates offered to be liason. Possible science project in conjunction for brochures or display. District representative stated that service learning is part of curriculum, as is doing work/learning for an authentic audience. Jerry: “Solar array” proposed on area to east of Savannah Oaks on ODOT terraced property and old rest area. Solar panels will be same as collectors at I-5 & I-205. Solar collectors provide energy to grid that equals metro area highway lighting needs. Trail above collectors planned on parks master plan. The solar project is unusual and progressive so will be a show place with interpretive information. Views are spectacular for trail. Topo map views showing the drop from homes on Imperial Dr so will be below their view. Concern was expressed about location for access to the trail head. Eighth Ave Issue: Buffalo contacted the city and there is no update on the 8th Ave opening. City is currently talking internally and there is no date for decision. Beth suggested that we take the energy from the 8th Ave group, get a group together to have an acting committee to prioritize infrastructure requests to guide and influence the city on an on-going basis, not to just react to problems. Ideas to prioritize: Sidewalk at end of Willamette Business district to where it starts again at 19th. Upgrade current sidewalks that are unsafe. Create safe corridors within Willamette for pedestrians. Median strips were spruced up because of a nudge from WNA. Focus on crosswalks, traffic calming, sidewalks, grant writing, covered bus shelters, stop signs Pedestrian safety *Willamette Safety and Access Committee. Request those that are interested in being involved in this ad hoc committee, please contact the neighborhood association. *Have a workshop or focus one meeting to this topic. Have this at the booth to gather input/comments on this issue. Work on mission statement. Report from James Manning. Street Dance at same venue. Starts at 6pm. The Touchables for 50, 60and 70 music. Sponsor Portland Running and Pacific West Bank. Banner up in town 2 weeks prior Fair: Parade: Theme Gotta Sing Gotta Dance More Fair events on Sunday 1030 -1200 Base Ball 1200 Timber show 1400 AM FM Band Concert on stage. Wrap up at 6pm Farmers Market every Tuesday 4-8 Bylaws: The City will be providing a template for Neighborhood Associations to use as a guide for developing more standardized by-laws. Jim Pierce reports that none of the current NA by-laws are close to the standards presented in a document available on the city website. Access to the Neighborhood Association By-laws Research Project can be found at Willamette Planter Beds: Elizabeth Rocchia suggested signage in the planters to acknowledge the volunteer effort but expressed concerned about the off-premise advertisement impact. New businesses are interested in becoming involved including Pacific West Bank. It is suggested that we confirm “ownership” of specific planters by current volunteers in advance of sponsorship signage. If enough interest, encourage sponsorship by new volunteers for the median strip planters as well. Motion by Ruth Offer, seconded by Buffalo Zobel: Willamette Neighborhood endorses the use of signs in the Willamette Planter beds to acknowledge the volunteers. Suggest the use consistent signage material: metal plaques, engraved rocks, or other small low profile durable materials. Unanimous decision. Willamette Main Street: Encourage residents to complete the shopper’s survey and businesses to complete the business survey for the market analysis. Ruth will email the old WNA email list to request the group complete the surveys. Link to the surveys found on the city website at Presentation by the committee to interested businesses planned June 11th at 5pm at Pacific West Bank. Miscellaneous Business Reusable items seen with garbage on Fridays. Beth Kieres suggests a quarterly date where neighbors can place no longer wanted items out for sharing. No action. Plaque purchased by WNA for the Centennial path will be installed on bench by Saturday June 13th. City Council did not approve the Holiday Inn application at their meeting June 8th. Probable appeal to LUBA related to a process issue. No action. Meeting was adjourned at 8:58 by Beth Kieres. Next meeting will be Wednesday, July 8th 2009.