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Willamette Neighborhood Association Pacific West Bank Wednesday, May 13, 2009 Agenda Call to order at 7:05. 1. Introductions Neighbors present: Jerry Offer, Buffalo Zobel, Beth Kieres, Carol Yates, Nancy Zonner, Madeline Bocher, Jill Briney, Gail Holmes Guests present: David Rittenhouse Staff present: Kirsten Wyatt 2. Minutes from April 8, 2009 No quorum at this time to adopt minutes. Minutes are posted online. 3. Treasurer’s Report Ms. Rocchia is away at this time; no reports at this time. Guest Speakers Kirsten Wyatt: City Website, Communication Tools for NAs Suggestions from WNA: City GIS site is slow and hard to use. What other items should be added to the Willamette section of the City site. General correspondence/communications Bulletin board/blog for the WNA on their section of the site; ensure that the listserv is notified about this Tree Labeling Conversation Beth Kieres mentioned that the WNA could do a tree labeling project to provide additional information about the type of trees that were donated by Mark Handris. Madeline Bocher suggested that tiles be placed on the trees with names and types of trees. Perhaps a project for Willamette elementary school kids. Carol Yates suggested that any sort of tree plaque idea involve the school and kids so they can learn about trees. Beth Kieres asked Carol Yates to spearhead this effort. Work Session 1. Voting Beth Kieres – at this time, we are barely at quorum and I would recommend that we defer to next month for voting. Please talk about the need to find more people who would like to be involved with the neighborhood. NA officers running slate: Beth Kieres, Chair Buffalo Zobel, Co-Chair Stephanie Nicoletti, Co-Secretary Co-Secretary, taking recommendation Elizabeth Rocchia, Treasurer Committee Reports 1. 8th Avenue Focus Group Buffalo Zobel presented a summary of meeting with City. Buffalo reported that the meeting with the City revolved around two types of discussion facilitated by a Clackamas County Facilitator; 1) the decision process for opening 8th avenue and potential mitigation to offset this action and 2) the concern of some area residents that opening 8th and Dollar will cause safety problems and increase traffic on Dollar Street. The meeting will be continued at a future date not yet announced. Community Events 1. Take Care of West Linn Days-May 16 Willamette Park Centennial Path and Willamette Falls Drive Planter Clean up. Jerry Offer – Fifth Avenue neighbor who needs assistance with her tree branches blocking the sidewalk; he will find people to offer assistance and will take care of this project. People should bring their own tools and materials to work on this project. Beth Kieres – Offered an electric saw for assistance. Meeting at 8:30 at the stage in Willamette Park. Will be divided up at that time for work in different projects. There are 20 people signed up to help on this project. 2. Willamette Living History Tour Danny Schrieber unavailable this month to discuss, he needs volunteers. Sign up available. 3. Willamette Parade Jill: First entry form from the League of West Linn Neighborhoods. Working with the Scouts and working on getting an emcee from last year. We are looking for live music in the parade. Theme is “Gotta Sing, Gotta Dance,” and Jim Beatty is the grand marshal. Looking for a band mom or dad that could help us get live music. Fife and drum band from TVF&R. Announcements Gail: Farmer’s market will be June 2 through September 29 – Taste of Tuesday; wine tasting, food, vendors, etc. Will be run by the Gresham market manager; has been around markets and has a lot of contacts. 4:30 p.m. until 8:00 p.m. Beth: Main Street – there is nationally known group that promotes Main Street committee to revitalize downtown areas. Clackamas County has a business and economic development advisor; Willamette has developed this group. Small board of officers; Danny Crossman is the president and Ruth Offer is the VP. Carol, Gail. Are looking for more people to be involved with Main Street. Goal is to organize an economic revitalization effort with Willamette Main Street. Beth: Historic district registry meeting is planned for June 26 with the State board to explain why we need to be a historic district. After that, goes to the federal level. Madeline: Naming the baseball field across the old park area in Willamette Park. Was owned by the Bochers. All have a big West Linn connection. Field is unnamed; husband was born in a house that was on that property at one time. Is sending in the request letter to the City but City wants information related to naming it – a criteria. This will come back to the WNA; should not be a problem with the City. Will ask the NA if they have any objections. Family lived here all their lives; memory plaques already there; the park was literally the family’s front yard. Would love to have the field named Bocher Field. Madeline: Also looking for a way to share information about the Lions club and their meetings. Second and fourth Mondays of the month. David: Savanna Oaks Neighborhood Association is your neighbor to the north. Meeting adjourned at 8:32. Motion by Buffalo, second by Gail. Next meeting June 10th. Same time, same place.