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Willamette Neighborhood Association Minutes April 8,2009 Attendance: Beth Kieres, Gwen Rose, Elizabeth Rocchia, Buffalo Zobel, Stephanie Nicoletti, Ruth Offer, Jerry Offer, Rae Henry, Debbie Hansen, Jim Pierce, Midge Pierce, Carol Yates, Reena Heijdeman, Julia Simpson, Liz Welch. Guests: Richard Seals, West Linn Finance Director, Dennis Wright City Engineer, Linda Neace, Bulls Eye coffee shop owner. Treasury Report: $1320.03 Account with Pacific West Bank $1998.33 Account with US Bank, account activity: $300.00 check written to yoga teacher, deposit $265.00 from yoga students. Richard Seals, City finance director, made a presentation about the City’s financial picture. The City has caught up on all its audits and has a better standing than any time since 1990. The plan is to move to a 2 year budget to allow longer range planning. Various documents were presented for review. There were a number of questions asked about the effect of the current economic down turn; concerns about houses in foreclosure and not being kept up were raised. Up keep for vacant homes is the owner’s responsibility whether owned by a bank or an individual. Any violations of the nuisance code can be sent to the City code enforcement. The city is slated to receive $900,000 from the federal stimulus package that is to go to streets specifically Salamo. Overall, the City’s budget is lean with minimal reserves but a sound operating budget with the surplus invested in the State pool not in the stock market. Dennis Wright, the City engineer, presented the new TSP (transportation system plan) recently adopted by the City. It is a 25 year plan to deal with projected traffic issues for automobiles, mass transit, pedestrians and bicycles. The document is in-depth; covering projects recommended in all areas of West Linn and is available on the City website. The plan recommendations are based on 2 years of meetings with the public, committee work, and a consulting firm evaluation. The 10th St corridor is recognized as an area needing traffic relief. For this area the TSP includes 1) opening up 8th Court to WFD at the East end behind Shari’s 2)Reopening up 8th to Dollar 3) Upgrading 19th to collector status (widening, bike lane, sidewalks, crosswalks)from Blankenship through to WFD. The specifics of how this will be dealt with are not set but could include additional traffic signals and/or additional stop signs for example at 19th and Dollar, 19th and WFD or 12th and WFD. Concern was raised about the traffic impact on Dollar St. There are already issues with safety and speeding and the concern is that opening up 8th will substantially increase the volume of the traffic. Various measures were suggested to mitigate the speed of cars, including pedestrian activated caution lights, speed bumps, roadway narrowing at intersections, and other traffic calming designs. It was felt that a task force was needed to bring concerns about Dollar St to the City prior to the implementation of opening 8th. A motion was made and seconded that a facilitated meeting be set up within a month with the engineer, planning department and the WNA to explore the TSP as it affects the Willamette area and for the City to hear the neighborhood’s concerns. Motion passed unanimously. A task force was set up to represent the WNA. Take care of Oregon Days Saturday May 16th 150 year celebration There will be various West Linn projects. James Manning reported on the plans for Willamette. 1.Centennial Path Willamette Park; The City would rather not excavate the remainder of the Centennial Pathway until late summer. The project in May will focus on cleaning the river bank of wood debris and Centennial path maintenance. The focus will be to clean the river bank along the Tualatin to the boat ramp. re-sanding and weeding the path. Elizabeth suggested low growing Oregon Grape for planting at the upper end of the path. The WNA could purchase those. Mark Handris has purchased several trees that had been planted there. A motion was made and seconded to write Mark Handris a note thanking him for he trees and his support of the pathway. Motion passed unanimously. The regular WFD planter work will also be on that date and will part of the day’s activities. From 12-3 pm at Mary S Young there will be a citywide lunch sponsored by the Lions for all of the day’s volunteers. Please sign up through the City link (SOLV) in order to take part. Election of WNA Officers A slate of officers for the WNA is needed. Traditionally anyone can nominate themselves or anyone else and those nominated will be contacted to see if they are willing to serve. Beth Kieres is willing to serve another term as Chair. Buffalo Zobel is willing to serve as Vice Chair. Gwen Rose is willing to continue as Secretary with Stephanie Nicoletti helping when needed. Elizabeth Rocchia is willing to continue as treasurer. Jerry Offer-designed a letter for Willamette businesses but is editing it at this time and will introduce it at a future meeting. Review of WNA goals-due to the length of the meeting the goals were postponed to be discussed at a future meeting.. Julia Simpson, League if West Linn Neighborhoods announced a special meeting April 11th with Clackamas County staff to discuss the Stafford Triangle. Meeting adjourned 9:35pm Next Meeting May 13th Minutes Submitted by, Stephanie Nicoletti and Gwendolyn Rose, Secretary