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WNA MEETING REMINDER Agenda 1. Introductions 2. Minutes from February 09 3. Treasurer’s Report Guest Speakers Jamie Johnk: Presentation of Willamette Main Street Program. Roberta Schwarz: is presenting information on the proposed acquisition of the White Oak Savanna property. Stephanie Nicolletti- Beth Kieres: Reporting on City Council works session 3/2/09, WNA vision West Linn document. Committee Reports/Community news Pre-application representative: WNA is in need of another pre application rep to help communicate new applications in Willamette neighborhood. Take Care of Oregon 5/15/09: Willamette to be involved in two separate projects; 1. Planter Clean Up; WNA volunteers 2. Planting on Centennial Path; James Manning/volunteers. Midge Pierce reporting on any additional recommendations for projects during the year. WNA representation needed; to provide input for code changes needed to protect the historic district from poor planning that will damage historic district, representation needed from the neighborhood on the P&R dept Old Time Fair committee meetings which include year round, City-wide projects. Main street volunteers needed. Announcements: Planter Clean Ups in Willamette: first session of the year 3/21/09 9-12 am. Contact Tarra Wiencken, Recreation coordinator in WL Parks and Recreation Dept. for volunteer information. Discuss purchase of early plantings for color? Primrose? Contact WNA president Beth Kieres for information on purchase of Centennial t-shirts, Willamette Park benches, trees, and engraved pavers for the Centennial Path. Next WNA Meeting: April 8, 2009, starting at 7pm at Pacific West Bank in Willamette Marketplace.