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The meeting was called to order at 7pm by president, Beth Kieres. After introductions, the minutes of the October 8 meeting were read, amended, and approved. Attendance: Beth Kieres, Elizabeth Rocchia, Gwendolyn Rose, Greg Smith, Hans Thygenson, Joe Mitchoff, Jerry Offer, Danny Schreiber, Linda Neace, Rae Henry and Buffalo Zoebel. Treasurer’s report Balance: The treasurer reported a balance of$2708.33 in our account. Activity: Expenses which previously would have been reimbursed by the city of West Linn are now drawn directly from the city’s account at the Pacific West Bank with a bankcard held by Beth Kieres. There were food expenses totaling 155.99 for the group that built the Centennial Path in Willamette Park on October 4th. This was the last withdrawal. Guest Presentations Parks & Recreation Presentation: Jerry Offer, Parks Board Member spoke about the restroom replacement at 12th Street and Volpp Avenue and the pool area improvement. Design diagrams were shown and the restroom will resemble the restrooms near the boat ramp. The pool is proposed to become 2 pools with a connecting stream. This satisfies and corrects the concerns of the county health department that affect the existing pool. The Park board meeting will be November 20, 2008 with a final review in December by the Planning Commission. Project is scheduled to begin in January 2009 and finish by Memorial Day weekend 2009. Date for final review needs to be confirmed and announced. Handicapped access is incorporated into the design. Fields Bridge Park is in need of restrooms. Currently proposed as a general fund project the Parks Board will work to propose funding through System Development Fund (SDF). The Youth Baseball Association has set aside funding to create a concession area under the same structural roof as the restrooms. A motion was made to support the development of permanent restrooms. Unanimously approved. As the new bridge over the Tualatin is constructed the county will grade a path under the bridge to cross Willamette Falls Drive. Another park issue; WL Parks Dept has learned that Clackamas County needs to move a historic log cabin. The WNA expressed enthusiasm at the prospects of getting an historic log cabin for the Fields Bridge Park (? Used for bathrooms and/or gallery, gifts, community event room). The location discussed was at the corner of Dollar and WFD on the current school district property vs replacing the old house in the park. Neighborhood Resource Network: Greg Smith presented suggestions to network the current resources for neighbors going through difficult economic circumstances. Included in the discussion was: West Linn Food Pantry at the Willamette United Methodist Church. Hours for the pantry are 3:00 to 7:00 pm Thursdays. Holiday closures: Thursday, November 27; Thursday, December 18 open for bread only; Thursday, December 25; Thursday, January 1. Holiday food boxes, (reserved by request form) available for pick up on Saturday, December 20, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Contact for the West Linn Food Pantry is Shauna Shroyer. Development of a resources web site. It is noted that we need to consider a consultation with Kirsten Wyatt, the West Linn Volunteer Coordinator, for further development of the idea. Danny Schreiber offered to design a site similar to the Centennial site. Resources and suggestions include bartering automotive mechanic services, creating more community gardens, vegetable and food co-ops, a ride board, food preservation classes. Other community events supporting giving and receiving. Friday morning, 6:30 to 8:00 a.m., the Willamette Christian Church makes a breakfast for any to attend and it is donation based. At Bull’s-eye Coffee Shop a “knit in” is held on Fridays and the created shawls are donated. The WL area residents may not be aware of the community resource known as “211” Beth Kieres plans to present more information on this service. A donation site for food collection for the WL Food Pantry on December 13th ,during the Holiday Parade was considered. Sites suggested were in front of Bull’s-eye Coffee or in front of the church. WNA recommended that a site be chosen and published in the West Linn Tidings, arrangements still need to be set. Proposed Site Development: Joe Mitchoff presented a plan for the development of his property on 13th Street behind Albertsons. Joe Mitchoff Requested audio recording of his presentation, the group agreed. Joe described the 2 fourplexes proposed for the site to be added behind the current single family home and duplex on the property. General dimensions: 8, 2 BR, 2 BA 1,200 to 1,300sf town homes. 6 feet between buildings offset angled from each other. Interior sprinkler systems included in safety design. Landscaping upgrades will be created. Storm water planters, as opposed to a pond with the required fencing, is preferred as an aesthetic upgrade and for maintenance ease. Arbor Cove has storm water planters and they are considered an enhancement to landscape. Joe reported that a community submittal needs to be made by citizens to the West Linn Planning Commission in favor of the planters because the PC requested a pond . Noise abatement is naturally occurring as the slope of the site is lower than I-205, directly behind the property. Proposed Site Development: Buffalo Zoebel informed about an item to be on the December 3, 2008 Planning Commission agenda. Blain Schutlzer requested a hearing for zone change from R-10 to R-7. Property is known as 1095 Dollar located on the SW corner of Dollar and Ostman. It was mentioned that the zone change from single to multiple dwelling would set or continue a precedence of zoning. This change was not supported by some members but other members felt they needed more information to make a decision. Committee Reports Centennial Committee Report: Danny Schreiber spoke about the last event of the Centennial Committee and the web site produced for the event. The construction of a similar site for the resources page was offered. Planning Commission/City updates: WNA is waiting to hear about Planning Commission meeting agendas dealing with the Holiday Inn Express proposed on Willamette Falls Drive. The Holiday Inn Express was tabled for this WNA meeting until more information is available after the meetings with the city reconvene. New Business Discussion regarding the current fire station on Willamette Falls Drive: Beth Kieres reported a recent conversation with Charles Awalt who consults on the Historic Review Board of West Linn. Charles advised WNA that the fire station was to go before the PC in the next week and was slated to be torn down for the new station. He suggested that the WNA could propose the current station to be designated as a historic building. This would prevent the teardown and protect the building for other City use-allowing the fire department to move (possibly) to the vacant location on 8th street. He proposed uses for the building could include a gift shop, community room, and Willamette Meteorite Gallery. The WNA discussed the issue at the meeting and concluded that they did not favor this action. The building did not appear to have visible historic significance-aside from the bell-which is being saved. Maintaining the appearance of the current building did not appeal to the group since the design is much newer than the historic buildings of town. The group actually favored adopting the log cabin from Clackamas County and possibly housing a gift shop or Meteorite Museum in it at Fields Bridge Park. In all the group felt this idea would better serve the community for those purposes and be more historically accurate to the period of the town. Planter clean-up: November 15, 2008 was the last of the year. Meeting adjourned: 9:11 p.m. November 12, 2008 Next meeting December 10, 2008, 7pm, at Pacific West Bank in Willamette Marketplace. Respectfully submitted, Gwendolyn Rose, Beth Kieres and Elizabeth Rocchia Willamette Neighborhood Association