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WNA MEETING REMINDER Pacific West Bank at Willamette Marketplace November 12,2008 7 PM Agenda 1. Introductions 2. Minutes from October 08 3. Treasurers Report Committee Reports/Community news Police Advisory Committee Report: Tualatin Valley Fire and Rescue: New Business: Jerry Offer: City begins demolition work on Hammerle and Willamette Wading pools and restrooms. Joe Mitchoff: Proposed building plan for 2150-70-72 13th Street in West Linn directly behind Albertson’s. Greg Smith: will lead a discussion about what if anything the WNA could do to help create a safety-net for neighbors facing economic challenges. Willamette Falls Historic District Application: Ruth Offer reported the Application was considered incomplete at the September hearing and will be heard again in the spring. Planning Commission Meeting 11/19: Design review and variance for Fire Station #59 at 1860 Willamette Falls Drive. Planning Commission Meeting 12/3: Hearing the request of Blain Schutlzer for zone change from R-10 to R-7. Property is known as 1095 Dollar located on the SW corner of Dollar and Ostman. Beth Kieres: Cenntennial Path in Willamette Park has just completed 2nd phase. WNA to discuss buying a bench for the park. Announcements: Planter Clean up: November 15th. Next WNA Meeting: December 10, 2008, starting at 7pm at Pacific West Bank in Willamette Marketplace.