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The meeting was called to order at 7pm by president, Beth Kieres. After introductions, the minutes of September 10 meeting were read, amended, and approved. Attendence: Beth Kieres, Elizabeth Rocchia, Kathleen Conroy, Andy Rocchia, Keith Steele, Peter, Toll, Cary Cummings, Teri Cummings, John Kovash, Ron Whitehead, David ?, Roger Woehl, BJ Walton, Carol Walton, Danny Schreiber, Gwen Rose, Officer Moyer. Treasurers report Balance: The treasurer reported a balance of$2273.90 in our account. Activity: Expenses which previously would have been reimbursed by the city of West Linn are now drawn directly from the city’s account at the Pacific West Bank with a bankcard held by Beth Kieres. There were food expenses totaling 155.99 for the group that built the Centennial Path in Willamette Park on October 4th. Guest Presentations School Bond Measure Presentation: Keith Steele spoke about the issues of Bond Measures 3-307 and 3-308 and the necessity to pass both to maintain and improve district school facilities. Andy Rocchia asked after the status of the Boeckman property on Dollar St and was told Randy Sebastian had defaulted and the school district planned to Roger Woehl explained that there was a slight drop in enrollements this past year but growth was a little over 1% and is projected to continue yearly. Roger also reported 500 students are now in portables. Both Willamette and Stafford schools have portables and a new elementary school is being planned. Candidate presentations: The following candidates each made presentations, answered questions and took part in general discussion: Kathleen Conroy, Terri Cummings, John Kovash and Ron Whitehead. Highlights of the discussion were: street improvements, fees on the water bill added without being voted on, improvements to the process of city governing, examining existing building codes and improving them to prevent bad outcomes of infill properties-especially in the historical district, improving communications to citizenry through the CCI or Committee for Citizen Involvement, the potential role of neighborhood associations or the League of Neighborhood Associations in this effort, and finally improving city governing and planning with relationship to all types of growth problems from traffic to dealing with developers. Committee Reports Police Report: Officer Moyle suggested again that cars not be left with valuables since more car break-ins had occurred recently. Centennial Committee Report: Danny Schreiber spoke about the last event of the Centennial Committee; the Willamette Lamp Light Tour on September 20,2008. This event was extremely successful and the tour was oversold by about 30 people. The feedback was very positive and members of the cast and crew discussed making it an annual event in Willamette. All were in favor of this. Danny and Nicole Schreiber produced the event this year and would be willing to continue being involved in conjunction with the WNA in planning for next year as well. Planning Commision/City updates: WNA is waiting to hear about planning commission meetings agendas dealing with the Holdiay Inn Express proposed on Willamette Falls Drive. Planter clean-up: October 18, 2008 New Business: Gwen Rose has offered to be the secretary for the WNA. She was appointed Secretary. Next meeting November 12, 2008, 7pm, at Pacific West Bank in Willamette Marketplace. Respectfully submitted, Beth Kieres and Elizabeth Rocchia Willamette Neighborhood Association -------------------------- Additional information sent by email from Beth Kieres on 10-17-2008: "Please view attached minutes from the October meeting of the WNA. In addition to the information in the minutes I would like to take the opportunity to update you on events going on in our neighborhood. One important event is an upcoming public hearing on Wednesday November 5, 2008 starting at 7pm in the Council Chambers of City Hall. At that meeting the Planning Commission will be hearing the proposed Holiday Inn Express by VKNW, Inc. Design Review, Water Resources Area Permit, Class II Variance for the amount of square footage to be developed, and Class II Variance for removal of the only significant tree on the property are to be presented. The neighborhood did submit notes to the Planning Commission from the meeting in September. Those minutes can be viewed on the city website. Another land use issue coming up pertains to the property owned by Joe Mitchoff at 2150-70-72 13th Street in West Linn, directly behind the Albertsons off Blankenship road. They are submitting a design review and land use application and will be presenting at the November WNA meeting on 11/12/08 at 7pm at the Pacific West Bank in Willamette Marketplace. Finally, if you haven't had the chance to go down to Willamette Park and view the new Centennial Path please go see it. It turned out great. The path will be adorned with native trees and a few benches that can be donated by individuals, families, or businesses. If anyone is interested in this please contact James Manning at"