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WNA MEETING REMINDER Pacific West Bank at Willamette Marketplace September 10,2008 7 PM Agenda 1. Introductions 2. Minutes from July 08 3. Treasurers Report Committee Reports/Community news Police Advisory Committee Report: Tualatin Valley Fire and Rescue: 10th Street Traffic Task Force: Update Willamette Falls Historic District Application update Planning Commission Activity: Holiday Inn Express Hotel August 26th special meeting Review/discussion. Willamette Centennial Committee: The final event; Willamette Living History Tour will take place Saturday September 20, 2008. Tickets are available. For more information please visit the website at To order tickets, contact Danny Schreiber at 503- 723-9688. Announcements: Lockfest: Saturday, September 13th at Willamette Falls. Willamette Art Festival: Saturday September 13th and Sunday September 14th at Willamette Park, West Linn. Planter Clean up: Saturday, September 20th from 9-11 am. Clackamas County Historic Review Board: will hold a public hearing on the request of steve Tekander to present the remodeling of the Berlin Bear Restaurant at 1889 Willamette Falls Drive. The meeting is scheduled for September 24th in the Willamette conference Room at City Hall 22500 Salamo Road in West Linn. Next WNA Meeting: October 8, 2008, starting at 7pm at Pacific West Bank in Willamette Marketplace. Current agenda items for October: Renewal of funding for school operation ballot measure 3-307 Presented by: Michele Beyer, West Linn Co-Chair Coalition for Excellent Schools, and introduction and discussion with city council candidates.