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Sunset Neighborhood Association Meeting Minutes

September 15, 2009

Location: West Linn City Hall, Council Chambers


Troy Bowers, President of the Sunset Neighborhood Association (SNA), called the meeting to order at 7:05 p.m.


14 members and 3 guests present. The meeting attendance sign-in sheet is in our files and is available upon request.


Minutes of the previous meeting April 14, 2009 were available and approved.


City of West Linn – NA Stipend Account 2009/10 Opening balance New Fiscal Year Budget (July ’09 – June ‘10) $1,500.00 07/01/09 carry over from ’08-’09 372.82 Closing balance - September 2009 $ 1,872.82 SNA – Discretionary Funds Opening balance (July’09 - June’10) 01/13/09 Closing balance – January $ 571.11 04/14/09 Meeting refreshments - 6.00 06/28/09 donations from picnic 157.00 06/28/09 ice + misc. items for picnic - 36.00 09/10/09 100 fliers September mtg @ .49 ea -49.00 Closing balance – September $ 637.11


1. Arch Bridge Closure: Information regarding the ODOT’s handling of the repair work and related closure was provide for review..

2. Mayor Outreach: Information was provided form the Mayor regarding her invitation to gain input through neighborhood association presidents.


3. West Linn-Wilsonville School District Board member: Dale Hoogestraat briefly summarized the Sunset School Task Force, the capital improvements bonds, and the process for the future site location for Sunset Primary School. He believes a decision will be made by the end of the calendar year as to where the Sunset School will be located. The decision making process will include interested stake holders, such as: neighborhood groups, faculty, and the SNA. Regarding the Erickson site (Rosemont Rd property), it was made clear that the purpose of this new school was not to replace the Sunset School, but to alleviate overcrowding at Willamette and Stafford Primary Schools. Initially, the Erickson school will be built to hold 300 students, with the option to expand it to 500 in the future. School District Board member Keith Steele was also a guest and spoke briefly. For more information regard the school district .

4. West Linn City Councilor Member: John Kovash provided some insight as to how the planning efforts and variances can affect the location and design of a school.


1. Fourth Annual Summer Picnic / Concert – June 28, 2009: Another success: 140 attendees…band GlobalFM … weather was great…. tasty Lion Burgers … Big thank you to Shauna Shroyer and Doreen Vokes for co-chairing this event. Hope to see you all next year!

2. 2009 Goals Update: • Troy Bowers will continue to look into the feasibility of rezoning the properties at Sunset and Cornwall from general commercial to neighborhood commercial. • Troy Bowers and John Sramek will continue pursuing work with the City and Transportation Advisory Board to determine how to best manage overall Sunset/Cornwall/Lancaster/Parker alignment.

3. Sunset Neighborhood Plan Implementation Priorities – Work Plan Update: Concepts and inventory of key plan interests were shared using the City Planning Department provided maps of our neighborhood. • Increasing involvement by our neighbors- the picnic this year organized by Doreen Vokes and Shauna Shroyer is a key annual event to help get more people engaged with each other. The semi-annual cleanup day is another such opportunity. • Retain Sunset School in our neighborhood- Troy Bowers’ concepts were developed to share with the school district and he has met with school board members to gain participation in the school evaluation process. • Preserving natural resources- Rob Cozzi is inventorying significant trees and groves and vista points for use in preserving valued features. • Preserving historic resources- John Sramek is interested in gaining additional support for inventorying historic homes for use in preserving these valued assets. • Assessing safety needs- Doug Vokes has started an inventory and prioritization for sidewalk and pathway improvements in the school and park areas. • Enhancing the Sunset neighborhood identity- Tony Breault has identified locations for street topper signs and gateway signs for Sunset. The next step is to engage the City regarding standards so we can design the signage in preparation for installation.


1. Dumpster/Clean up Day: Saturday, September 26th, 8am to noon at Sunset Fire Hall.

2. SNA Elections: A motion was made and seconded to retain the same officers for one more year.

3. Street signs: It was noted that there are new yellow traffic signs on Oregon City Blvd near the easement to Sunset School. The verbiage is: “Caution – children walking”. With the increased automobile traffic and the reduced bus service to the school, these signs will be valuable.


With no further business before the SNA, the President adjourned the meeting at 9:05pm. **Next meeting will be Tuesday, January 19, 2010 @ 7pm.** Respectfully submitted by Doreen Vokes, Secretary of the SNA.


President, Troy Bowers 503-703-7303

Vice President, John Sramek 503-320-2077

Secretary/Treasurer, Doreen Vokes 503-650-2072

For association info and meeting minutes, or for general city information, visit ***please note newweb site address***