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Sunset Neighborhood Association Meeting Minutes

May 13, 2008

Location: West Linn City Hall, Council Chambers


Doug Vokes, President of the Sunset Neighborhood Association (SNA), called the meeting to order at 7:05 p.m. PRESENT 17 members and 5 guests present.


Minutes of the previous meeting March 11, 2008 were available. TREASURER’S REPORT City of West Linn – NA Stipend Account 2007/08 Opening balance New Fiscal Year Budget (July ’07 – June ‘08) $1,500.00 09/10/07 Flyer notice for September meeting (approx) - 155.00 12/26/07 Meeting sign holders (4) - 120.00 03/11/08 March balance 1.225.00 05/12/08 Correction – Sept. SNA flyer – debit + 155.00 05/12/08 Sunset Park – playground equipment – contribution - 515.00 05/13/08 Closing balance – May $ 865.00 SNA – Discretionary Funds Opening balance $ 602.07 01/08/08 Meeting refreshments - 11.00 02/13/08 Real estate boxes (2) - 33.90 03/11/08 March balance $ 557.17 03/11/08 Meeting refreshments - 11.00 05/13/08 Closing balance – May $ 546.17


1. Sunset Park playground equipment: The new playground equipment was installed on April 26th with help from the SNA and the city employees. Last fall we voted to contribute $515.00 from our city fund account toward this endeavor.

2. Sunset Primary School – petition: A petition was circulated to the residents of the Sunset Neighborhood in order to determine the future location of the Sunset Primary School. The school district task force has recommended that the school be relocated to Oppenlander Field, and the petition was to poll the residents to determine if they supported that proposal. Approximately 330 residents voted to keep the school at the Oxford St. property. This number represents approximately 95% of those that were actually polled. The results of the petition were presented to the school board meeting on April 14th.


1. SNA summer picnic – June 22, 2008: The time will be 1-4pm at Sunset Park. The band GlobalFM has agreed to play again this year. Shauna Shroyer and Doreen Vokes have volunteered to chair this year’s picnic. We will be serving Lion Burgers, hot dogs, chips, drinks, and dessert for a $ 1.00 donation.

2. Refurbishing of the Sunset Park: We had volunteered to paint picnic tables and the shelter at Sunset Park prior to our annual picnic. However, as of last night the tables and shelter looked to be newly painted. Therefore, President Doug will contact the parks director to double check if additional painting is needed.

3. SNA Neighborhood Plan: Steve Faust, AICP, Associate with Cogan, Owens, Cogan, presented the results of the community questionnaire. There were 209 questionnaires returned, which represents approximately 20% of all the households within the Sunset Neighborhood boundaries. Our draft vision and goals are as follows: • Draft Vision: The Sunset Neighborhood is a safe, welcoming and family-friendly community. Sunset residents take pride in their neighborhood’s diversity, natural beauty, access to open space and residential charm. We seek to preserve, enhance, and celebrate the neighborhood’s character as it is enjoyed today. • Goal 1: Sunset is a quaint, quiet residential neighborhood. • Goal 2: Sunset Primary School is an integral asset to the Sunset Neighborhood. • Goal 3: The natural and scenic environment of Sunset Neighborhood is well-maintained and preserved. • Goal 4: The transportation system provides for the safe and efficient movement of Sunset’s cars, bicycles, and pedestrians. • Goal 5: Sunset Neighborhood is welcoming, friendly, and safe for families with children. • Goal 6: A plan is in place for the future of Sunset’s Willamette River waterfront. Each goal was written on its own flip chart around the room. We were then asked to vote on each goal, and also to post any relevant comments on the charts. The Sunset Neighborhood Plan Steering Committee will meet next on June 11th to review this information, and to develop a final plan to be presented to the neighborhood at our next meeting on July 15th.

4. SFA Design Group – proposed 6-lot subdivision: Ben Altman, Senior Planner/Project Manager presented a 6-lot sub-division on Warwick Street. The questions from the audience concerned: lot size, removal of trees, sidewalks, water drainage, and access to the lots. The west and south sides of the proposed subdivision are on Sunset Avenue, which is an arterial. Therefore the current speed could conceivably increase from 25 to 35 mph. That particular portion of Sunset Avenue has a narrow 90 degree turn, which is very dangerous. The residents are concerned about the safety of that area in the neighborhood, and question the impact of the higher traffic as a result of the additional homes from this sub-division. Mr. Altman will review these concerns with his client and will work with the city planning department. Further, he will seek the services of a geo-technical specialist who will evaluate the water drainage problem and help design a workable solution. In addition, the SNA will be kept posted on future developments, and most likely the SFA Design Group will attend another neighborhood meeting to share any changes to the proposed design.

5. Upcoming election: Note the election of officers will be held at our September meeting.


With no further business before the SNA, the President adjourned the meeting at 8:47pm. Next meeting will be held in Tuesday, July 15th at city hall. Respectfully submitted by Doreen Vokes, on behalf of Troy Bowers, Secretary of the SNA. S


President, Doug Vokes 503-650-2072

Vice President, open

Secretary/Treasurer, Troy Bowers 503-703-7303

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