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Sunset Neighborhood Association Meeting Minutes

January 9, 2007

Location: West Linn City Hall Bolton Room


Doug Vokes, President of the Sunset Neighborhood Association (SNA), called the meeting to order at 7:10 p.m., along with approximately 14 citizens.

SECRETARY’S REPORT Minutes of the previous meeting September 12, 2006 were available.

TREASURER’S REPORT City of West Linn – Primary Account 2006/07 Opening balance New Fiscal Year Budget (July 1, 2006) $1,500.00 08/15/06 Flyer notice for September meeting (approx) - 155.00 12/15/06 Flyer notice for January meeting (approx) - 155.00 Closing balance $1,190.00 SNA - Petty Cash Opening balance $ 136.31 (correction after adding error) 09/2006 Meeting Refreshments - 10.00 09/2006 Painting supplies for clean-up day – 9/16/06 - 20.00 09/2006 Painting supplies for clean-up day – 9/17/06 - 17.00 10/2006 Dumpster Donations - 35.00 Closing balance $ 124.31


1. Officer Rick Senger reported no increase in crimes, as documented by his handout. Informed us about the January 31st identity theft class 7pm at City Hall. A reminder to call police if you see anyone that looks suspicious wandering around without a purpose: Call either 911 or the non emergency number 503-635-0238.


1. Ken Worcester reported on the status of our parks. The wading pools as well as the rest rooms (which are 60 yrs old) need to be repaired in order to comply with state inspections. The proposed pocket park on Summit, and many other improvements, are on hold due to financial issues. It was noted that the police levy which will be on the ballot March 13th of major interest to the parks department, since this levy will fund an officer whose primary duty is to monitor the parks for vandalism, especially during the summer months. A new parks and rec master plan will soon be on the city’s website.


1. Sunset Park painting/clean-up day September 16th /17th : Volunteers put two coats of paint on 28 tables; also, part of the picnic shelter was painted.

2. Dumpster day – October 7th : we served approx 40 truck loads of garbage filling two and a half dumpsters

3. Traffic Safety concerns : Regarding the request to have a 20mph speed sign on Bittner St. across from Sunset Park: this issue is currently being reviewed by the traffic safety committee. Lancaster St. traffic count report will be sent to the SNA president to report at the next meeting.


1. Election of Secretary/Treasurer – the floor was open for nomination; Rob Barker was nominated and was voted unanimously to serve the remainder of the term which expires September, 2007.

2. Guest Speaker – Kim Swan, Water Env. Coordinator, for the South Fork Water Board. The South Fork Water Board provides drinking water for the cities of Oregon City and West Linn. Our water is derived from the Clackamas River, which is the principal river in the Clackamas River Watershed. Various water conservation and capital improvement projects are under way. Our water is constantly tested, and is relatively soft. Ms Swan can be reached at: (503) 723-9692; KIMS@SFWB.ORG

3. Winter social event was tabled in view of our upcoming summer picnic which will be held Sunday, June 24, 2007.

4. Mayor Norm King gave a report on the West Linn Police Levy Renewal election on March 13, 2007. This levy will maintain current police service levels for five years. This levy supports 40% of the West Linn Police Department’s budget (12 of 30 police officers). The current police levy expires June 30, 2007.

5. Gene Davis, who lives at 4340 Parker Road, brought up traffic safety concerns regarding the intersection of Parker Rd and Sunset St. Parker Road will be widened and most likely paved as a result of the housing development currently under way directly west of Parker Road. Parker would then taper from a two lane road down to a one lane road within approx 100 yards, thus resulting in an increase in automobile accidents. He noted that this section of roadway is already dangerous, and has personally witnessed many incidents. He and several neighbors from the Sunset Neighborhood have filed a signed petition with the City Engineer asking that the roadway not be widened as planned, and that the city revisit this issue. The request in the petition to post “Local Traffic Only” signs had been taken care of by the city as of Jan 9th. Ken Worcester noted that this improvement had not yet officially been included in the existing Traffic Safety Plan, but that a revised plan is currently underway. The new plan will be posted on the city’s web site for public review.

6. Miscellaneous: The new West Linn Food Pantry – open every Thursday 3 – 7 pm for West Linn families in need of food assistance. For more information or to sign up for a shift, please contact Shauna Shroyer at 503-723-2544 or


With no further business before the SNA, Doug adjourned the meeting. Next meeting will be held in April, 2007. Respectfully submitted by Doreen Vokes, Acting Secretary of the SNA. For association info and meeting minutes, or for general city information, visit