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Skyline Ridge Neighborhood Association June 22, 2006 The meeting of the Skyline Ridge Neighborhood Association was held at 7pm, June 22, 2006 at the West Linn City Hall. Old Business Minutes from the last meeting were discussed and approved. Meeting minutes are available on the Skyline Ridge section of city web site. Treasurer Loretta Schwartz confirmed no change in the budget from last meeting with $695 in the neighborhood account. $200 has been designated to help sponsor the Music in the Park series. Code, consent, and restrictions (CC&R’s) were discussed. It was felt that our neighborhood residents have generally been very good about honoring the integrity of the guidelines. The new housing development on Mountainview Ct has been pushed back a bit. At this point groundbreaking will likely take place late this summer or early autumn. Details of the development are scheduled to be presented to the West Linn city council meeting on July 10th. New Business Daisy troop #355 has recently planted several sapling trees at our park. Thanks to John and Merle Kovash for coordinating this event. One of our residents has proposed requesting a basketball hoop on the tennis courts. This was discussed among those in attendance and the vote was strongly against such a proposal. An open “green space” along lower Skye Parkway has been voluntarily mowed and maintained by Bob Schwartz for many years. He has asked that we request the city take over this work. As has been discussed at prior meetings, we would like to assemble a committee to welcome newcomers to our neighborhood, providing them a hospitable introduction to Skyline Ridge, contacts for pool membership, association officers, and a copy of the directory. Bess Milner has offered to head up this effort. Please contact her if you notice new families moving in or would like to participate. A work group is being assembled to begin formulation of a long range neighborhood development plan. Methods to gather input from residents at large are being discussed. Please let me know if you’re interested in taking part. Plans for the upcoming 4th of July picnic were discussed and reviewed. Respectfully submitted, Mitch Brock 503-635-7389