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Rosemont Summit Neighborhood Association Minutes of the Meeting held on Wednesday January 21st at 7:00 PM at West Linn City Hall The meeting was opened by President Dean Suhr. Eight people attended. 1. Minutes of the previous meeting were circulated on the web site and a few copies were available at this meeting. No formal adoption of the minutes took place. 2. Palomino Trail. The City has completed a survey and problem areas identified. Most are on Apollo Drive. The City is creating a task force to determine what to do. They would like a representative from the RSNA. Dean suggested Heidi MacLaren, since her property in on the trail. All were in agreement. A question was raise about an article in a recent Oregonian that stated that in Portland people with property adjacent to trails were responsible for the upkeep of the trail and also the liability. Dean replied that Ken Worcester in West Linn had stated that the City was responsible for maintenance and liability for the City’s trails. 3. Fluoride in the City Water Supply. A discussion was generated about the pros and cons of fluoridating the West Linn water supply. It was decided to seek more reliable information about the benefits and the medical risks and continue the discussion at the next meeting. 4. Future of the RSNA. We discussed what issues the Association might work on in 2009. Some suggestions were: Communications Sidewalks Beautification of neighborhood “pockets” Another Summer barbecue We have a budget of $1,500 plus an estimated carryover of about $200. We can provide a forum for discussion of issues brought by the membership, such as fluoridation, tree ordinances, education. Dean will ask the City Arborist to attend the next meeting in March. 5. Erickson School. Information will be forthcoming. The cost of building a school on the site adjacent to Rosemont and Hidden Springs was included in the bond measure that passed in November. Discussion ensued about the need for new building when the adjacent school districts (Lake Oswego and Oregon City were talking about closing schools. The were complaints about the restriction by the WLSD regarding transfers to other districts. This was followed by discussion of the pros and cons of having children attend school outside their municipality. 6. Beautification. Various sites were discussed. Shannon Lane (Holly will follow up). A request for reflective signs and a street light on the median at Shannon and Rosemont was requested. Dean will follow up. Santa Anita and Horton Rd. Summit and Pimlico. Paula will follow up. Horton and Zeus. Stephanie Scott will follow up. Members will work up plans to present at the next meeting. 7. Neighborhood Signs. Suggestion to erect signs at the main entrances to the RSNA neighborhood. No action taken. The meeting was closed at 8:00 PM. Respectfully submitted Ann Frazier, Secretary RSNA.