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Robinwood Neighborhood Association Agenda Tuesday January 13th 2009 7PM Emmanuel Presbyterian Church Minutes of Previous Meetings and Treasurer’s Report 10 Minutes Treasurer’s correspondence and related actions: Authorize Payment to Emmanuel Presbyterian Church Guests: 30 Minutes Suzanne Wells - American Cancer Societies Relay for Life Cornelia Signeur - West Linn History Book - Roger Shepard - Take Care of West Linn Day Katy Lesser - Sitter’s Group Nancy King - Robinwood Nhd Network - Announcements: Planning Director Approval - 18490 Nixon Av Planning Commission - Planning Training at Wed Jan 21st meeting Updates: RNA Committee Reports: Parks Fire Station Planning Riverside Streets 15 Minutes New Biz: Appointment of By-Laws Committee 10 Minutes RNA Goal Setting 2009 30 Minutes Storm Response and Emergency Planning 20 Minutes