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City of West Linn Robinwood Neighborhood Association (RNA, RN to be used for Robinwood Neighborhood) Monthly Meeting Minutes Tuesday, 12/9/08 Kevin Bryck, President, called the meeting to order at 7:08 PM. Scott Sandie, RNA Treasurer, noted that the RNA fiscal year account balance was $2037.61. The November 2008 RNA meeting minutes were unanimously approved by a voice vote. Items Discussed Dump Day 2008 – Fees Charged to RNA Account The attendees passed a motion (majority voice vote) empowering RNA President Kevin Bryck to speak with the City of West Linn about the RNA’s opposition to the recent Dump Day 2008 ($200) deducted from the RNA account. Voting Rights for Attendees to RNA Meetings During the voting process for the Dump Day 2008 motion (see above), discussion ensued regarding the voting rights of attendees to RNA meetings. Scott Sandie, Secretary, noted that the RNA board, in the 3-5 days period preceding the December 2008 meeting, determined that the revision to the by-laws had not been fully executed, and thus was now considered not in effect, because the revised by-laws had not been sent to they city – only the meeting minutes containing the approved motion had been routed to the city. West Linn Trails Group Attendees approved a motion (32 in favor, 12 in opposition, 1 abstention) to commit $200 of RNA monies to the West Linn Trails Group to support their trail signage efforts. During discussion on this motion, attendees expressed concern that the existing city park fees were not being applied to cover signage costs. RNA Goals for 2009 Discussion regarding RNA Goals for 2009 was postponed until the February RNA meeting. However, a motion was passed (voice vote) to empower the RNA board to tell the City that, in the interim until we establish well thought out goals for 2009, a goal is to assess, and revised as necessary, the RNA by-laws, and that any resident is welcome to correspond with the city regarding what they’d like they City to establish as City goals for 2009. Election of RNA Officers and RNA Meeting Attendee Voting Rights Mike Ragan, RN resident, attempted to make a motion to revise sections of the RNA by-laws pertaining to the election of officers (also, suggesting that due to election process deficiencies in 2007, a special, officer election be held at the 12/9/08 meeting with the newly elected officers’ terms to begin 1/13/09) and voting rights of RNA meeting attendees. Kevin Bryck, President, noted that the RNA Board had decided that any suggestions for by-law changes would first need to be reviewed by a by-laws committee (Kevin Bryck’s interpretation of the RNA by-laws) and that the board would begin accepting names for by-law committee candidacy. Mr. Froode, an RN resident in attendance, asked that Secretary, Scott Sandie, include in the December 2008 minutes that Scott Sandie confirms that at the 12/7/08 special meeting of the RNA board, no discussion ensued about the continuance or non-continuance of Kevin Bryck as RNA President (Mr. Froode’s request is so executed). Discussion ensued about Mr. Ragan’s suggested revisions to the RNA by-laws and special election of officers, with people supporting and opposing Mr. Ragan’s suggested revisions and special election action plan. Miscellaneous Updates/Announcements • The West Linn City Council adopted the Transportation System Plan at its 12/8/08 meeting. • West Linn is accepting applications for openings on its advisory boards and committees until 12/20. Attendees opposed a motion (voice vote) for the RNA to support Kathleen Conroy in her bid to land a seat with the City’s budget committee. • Scott Sandie, RNA secretary, will submit a list of RNA 2008 accomplishments to the City upon receiving the list from RNA president, Kevin Bryck. • There were no committee reports. Meeting adjourned at 8:58 PM. Minutes authored by Scott Sandie, RNA Secretary