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Robinwood Neighborhood Association (RNA, RN to be used for Robinwood Neighborhood) Monthly Meeting Minutes Tuesday, 11/11/08 Kevin Bryck, President, called the meeting to order at 7:08 PM. Scott Sandie, RNA Treasurer, noted that the RNA fiscal year account balance was $2037.61. The September 2008 and October 2008 RNA meeting minutes were unanimously approved (note: per Kevin Bryck, the expense for the $50 approved distribution for the RN Community Center has not yet been incurred, therefore no monies have yet been distributed by the City). Items Discussed Metro Highway 43 Flexible Fund Allocation A motion was passed unanimously to send a letter to Metro noting that the RNA advocates for flex fund monies to be committed to West Linn. Transportation System Plan (TSP) John Kovash noted that adoption of the TSP demands that the West Linn City Development Code (CDC) be amended (based on demands set forth in the Policies section of the TSP). Specifically, according to John, Chapter 7 contains policies that, if adopted with accompanying CDC amendments, will significantly change the fabric of the streets and corridors of the streets impacted by the TSP. Taking into consideration the rate at which the TSP and its accompanying CDC amendments were being projected to be reviewed by the West Linn planning commission and city council and the significant impact of the proposed CDC changes, a motion was unanimously passed (13 in favor, 0 in opposition, 0 abstentions) requesting that the West Linn City Council delay its assessment of the TSP by taking it off its 12/8/08 meeting agenda, to allow for a more complete assessment by the residents of West Linn. West Linn residents were presented, for the first time, the CDC changes mandated by the TSP on 11/3/08; the residents feel this is not sufficient time (11/3/08 – 12/8/08) to review and provide feedback to the city on such a complex document that has a long-lasting, deep impact on its city. Also, the motion spoke to meeting attendee interest in ensuring that CDC changes attributable to the TSP did not override the provisions of the RN Plan. A second motion was unanimously passed (13 in favor, 0 in opposition, 0 abstentions) suggesting that the Planning Commission recommend to the City Council not to adopt (note: ‘not to adopt’ is one of three recommendations that can be made by the Planning Commission, the other two being ‘adopt as written’ or ‘adopt with revisions’) the TSP and its accompanying CDC changes. A final, third, motion was unanimously passed (13 in favor, 0 in opposition, 0 abstentions) suggesting that the City Council that any language be stricken from the TSP and the accompanying CDC changes, if adopted, that conflicts with existing zoning or the RN Plan. Commercial Development Between Kidney Dialysis Center and Kasch’s on 43 Attendee, Bob Stowell, presented his concerns about the sidewalk design (on 43) near the south end of the kidney dialysis center. A motion was unanimously passed (11 in favor, 0 in opposition, 0 abstentions) to empower Bob Stowell to speak to the City of West Linn about his concerns on behalf of the RNA. Miscellaneous Updates/Announcements • The Emmanuel Presb. Church Youth Group is sponsoring a food drive for the West Linn Food Bank. • Check West Linn website for instructions on how to become eligible to attend pre-application conferences. • The land use proceeding regarding the structure adjacent to the West Linn city library has been remanded back to the City of West Linn by the Land Use Board of Appeals (LUBA). This matter is projected to be considered by the West Linn City Council on 12/22/08. Meeting adjourned at 8:31 PM. Minutes authored by Scot Sandie, RNA Secretary