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City of West Linn Robinwood Neighborhood Association (RNA, RN to used for Robinwood Neighborhood) Monthly Meeting Minutes Tuesday, 8/12/2008 Kevin Bryck called the meeting to order at 7:04 PM. The July 2008 RNA meeting minutes were unanimously approved. No change in treasury balance from last month. Items Discussed 3955 Cedar Oak Dr. – Water Resource Permit Application Kevin Bryck said he was notified just before the meeting that the August 18th special meeting of the City Council had been set over until September. The City of West Linn was working on a settlement with Annette Johnson, and the meeting in September might not be needed. Shady Hollow Drive Land-Use Application ZC The Shady Hollow zone change had been assigned to Peter Sir and it will go before the planning commission. There was discussion about the R10, R4.5, and R2.1 designations. There were concerns about how the project would affect traffic on Highway 43, the general look to the neighborhood driving along Highway 43, and if driveways would be on Highway 43 or Shady Grove. There was discussion that we would wait to see the new application before the RNA makes a definite decision. A motion was made and passed 20 in favor, 0 in opposition, which states; Whereas West Linn is known as a tree city, the RNA opposes any development that removes any more than 25% of tree canopy within 25 feet of the right of way of Willamette Drive. This in no way says we approve a zoning change at this time before we see the proposal. General Announcements • There was discussion about the future use of the Robinwood Fire Station building. The West Linn Lions will be rebuilding part of the building. A portion of the building could be used as a community center. • Robinwood Clean-Up is set for September 27th at 9:00 a.m. A suggestion was made to contact Goodwill to see if they would provide a bin for our Dump Day. * Candidates Picnic is set for September 12th. The West Linn candidates for Mayor and Council will all be invited. A motion was made and passed, 19 in favor, 1 in opposition, that the RNA co-sponsor the event and contribute $50.00 to the event. * Randall Fastbend announced planning for Cedar Oak Elementary 50th Anniversary. Any photos or stories would be appreciated. Next meeting will be on Tuesday, 9/09/2008 at 7:00P.M. Minutes submitted by temporary, substitute RNA Secretary, James Andrews