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City of West Linn Robinwood Neighborhood Association (RNA, RN to be used for Robinwood Neighborhood) Monthly Meeting Minutes Tuesday, 7/8/2008 Kevin Bryck called the meeting to order at 7:08 PM. The June 2008 RNA meeting minutes were unanimously approved. The treasurer’s report showed $2037.61 in the RNA account. Items Discussed Shady Hollow Drive Land-Use Application Ms. Stiven, land-use consultant for the property owner, said that the new plan was to request that tax lots in question be rezoned R4.5 – allowing for a maximum of 22 units and to be comprised of single-family attached (approx. 4000 sq ft lots), single-family detached (approx. 4500 sq ft lots), and duplexes). Ms. Stiven noted that this zoning would result in a significant drop in the incremental impact to traffic patterns on adjacent streets, versus the R2.1 zoning originally proposed. Structure height maximum for this zoning would be 35 ft. A resident asked why not just keep the existing R10 zoning? Ms. Stiven and the property owner said that R10 development is difficult for these tax lots as the are adjacent to commercial sites, are positioned along a public transit route (which supports more dense development), and some of the perimeter of to-be-developed land is on Highway 43 (not making it conducive to R10 development). Two other residents noted that they were pleased with the development plan revisions and asked that a maximum amount of trees and foliage be maintained, respectively. The application (for a plan amendment and zone change only) will be submitted to planning department this week (week of 7/7) – the planning department then has 30 days to review the application. 3955 Cedar Oak Drive – Water Resource Permit Application Gary Hitesman, working with residents opposed to ratification of this application, noted the following about the application: • An erosion control study must be provided – none has been • A soil characteristics report must be provided – none has been • Site maps submitted with application contain inaccuracies • City development regulation 32.090 notes that development cannot cause danger to life or property – a ratification of this application would result in danger to property One option discussed was for the city to gain ownership of the lot, via payment to the lot owner or land swap, and then build a city park on the lot. Various residents discussed the need to get petitions signed by people whose land is ‘touches’ the stream and whose land, although not touching the stream, is adjacent to the property in question. Lastly, various residents asked others in attendance to attend the 7/21 City Council meeting, the next venue where the application will be discussed. A motion was made, and subsequently withdrawn (by Jack Norby), for Gary Hitesman to present his finding to the City Council on behalf of the RN after first removing any reference to a land swap involving the fire station and any reference to Ole Olsen’s ramp and/or stairway. Another motion was made and passed (28 in favor, 1 in opposition, and 0 abstentions) to authorize Gary Hitesman to present his findings as-is to the city council on behalf of the RNA, with the right to revise the content as necessary to fit within the presentation timelines of the city council. Per this motion, Gary Hitesman may also summarize to the city council on behalf of the RNA that the application should be dismissed or not-approved because it is incomplete, it contains inaccuracies, and that owner’s are victims of a self-imposed hardship as they previously split the lot, thereby limiting their development opportunities. Another motion was made and passed (27 in favor, 0 in opposition, and 0 abstentions) stating the RNA opposes a 32.090 exemption being made for this application. General Announcements • Building will begin on the new Bolton Fire Station in approximately January 2009. Existing station will be maintained as the city looks to build on the lot adjacent to the existing station. • WL City Council is considering establishing a Committee for Citizen Involvement, initially proposed to be comprised of the planning commission and a select set of residents (this has initially been championed by Mayor King and is consistent with Goal 1 objectives). • Clackamas County will soon be hosting discussions on the county’s rural reserves (i.e., open space, forest space, and farm space). • Kevin Bryck is working with city to procure a canopy for the toddler play area of Midhill Park. A motion was made and passed (25 in favor, 0 in opposition, and 0 abstentions) authorizing the RNA to proceed with the purchase of the necessary canopy and collateral supplies (with ‘reasonable expense’ limits). • Two residents suggested that a board be established to oversee the use of the Sunset Fire Hall, in conjunction with the Lions. • Help is needed to support the Arts Festival in the Park. Next meeting will be on Tuesday, 8/12 at 7:00 PM. Minutes submitted by RNA Secretary, Scott Sandie