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Parker Crest Neighborhood Association Monthly Meeting Wednesday May 27, 2009 at 7:00 PM Meeting Location: City of West Linn, City Hall Meeting Minutes Parties In Attendance William Relyea Gerald Pasquantonio Keith Liden Norman Dull Tim Woodley PCNA Members voting on Resolution 1-2009 by Person, Proxy, Absentee or via email Joanne Pinelli Janet Hull Josh Hull Gerald Pasquantonio William Relyea 7:00 - Meeting Opens – Call to Order PCNA President, William Relyea called the meeting to order and welcomed the parties. A round of introductions was conducted. 7:05 - General Discussion – A general discussion ensued about general planning concerns surrounding the annexation process and at what point school district capacity, impacts to the school sites versus zoning considerations should be presented in the land use planning process. 7:15 - West Linn Wilsonville School District Presentation The following parties presented information about facility improvements at Rosemont Ridge Middle School: • Norman Dull, Dull Olson Weekes, • Keith Liden, Parsons Brinkerhoff • Tim Woodley, West Linn Wilsonville School District Planned Improvements: • A bus drive thru path is planned which will take bus traffic around the school and egress onto Rosemont. • A sport lighting system for the football and baseball fields. • Artificial turf for the football and baseball fields with drainage systems • Stormwater treatment system 8:00 - Community Comments 1. Comments focused on the positive aspects of separating car traffic from bus traffic. Questions arose about adequate diffusion of the lights so that neighbors are not disturbed. The lights will be focused on the field and a series of photos were shown, indicating the spread of the lighting would not extend beyond the sports fields. 2. Question arose about timing of the lights. It was stated that the lights would be off by 10:00 PM and only on when a function is taking place. 3. Stormwater runoff in the area behind the school, where the bus traffic will be diverted was questioned. The area has steep banks and is constrained by the existing school facility. It was suggested that stormwater treatment and a drain system be included in the plans. 8:15 – Resolution 1-2009 calling for support of the White Oak Savanna • Motion made and carried by the membership. 8:30 – Closing Remarks and Adjournment • The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 PM